Issue with 5 to 6 guns equipping

play on PC

this occurs at random when looting. when on a mission, i scroll thru weapons and see at times 1-2 i do not recognize. i check inventory it shows 4. i go to a vendor and it will show the 1-2 extras in the equipped slots

i have a level 45, and two level 22 players

doing a search, i found this video
this player notices a 5th weapon

-is this a bug?
-is there a repair check capability?
-or do i have to remove game and reload again?

if i save my players save files, not sure if a reload would really fix this problem, maybe cause the problem to carry over?

Do you have an over-filled backback?

no, i run player with 4 guns equipped, and 3 option weapons

even if i loot 3-5 guns it sneaks 1-2 into equipped slots that should not be there. even if my bags were full, this still should not be occurring.

Well, definitely sound like a bug. Never seen it on the original version, so I assume it’s a glitch in the new inventory implementation somewhere. You can file a ticket here