Issue with Amara and Phasegrasp

Not sure where i need to put this so if it needs to be moved go ahead. The issue is when i grasp something i’m in a stuck stat for a few seconds. I can move but can’t shoot, throw a grenade, reload or switch weapons . I’m losing precious grasp time to do some damage in other words. If this is how it is i’ll adjust but i don’t remember previous sirens doing this. On xbox btw.

Sounds odd. Hopefully some of the other Amara mains can chime in with their experience. Did you make sure your LB on your controller isn’t sticking?

I did. It’s updated plus did a hard reset on the xbox.

What gun were you using? I have noticed some guns with a higher “Swap Speed” take a little longer to shoot after phasegrasping a target, but that’s split seconds longer. Nothing like what you are describing. Are you able to get video of such an event?

Pretty much any gun i have equipped. Doesn’t seem isolated to one item. Grenades are what’s most bothersome, chucking them then finishing off with a gun is my rhythm. I’ll see if i can work on a clip.

I noticed that as well, especially on my Pestilence face-tanking build. It almost always takes 1-2 second after AS activation before I’m able to shoot again. I assume the Phasegrasp animation locks up or lasts longer internally than shown on screen and doesn’t allow for any other action in the process.


Started up an Amara to see for myself. So far, the delay doesn’t seem that long to me - once the hand-bubble thing is established, the muzzle lifts to the normal spot and I can pull the trigger quite fast. Maybe 1 second? But now I’m wondering if anything else affects that such as weapon type, stats, etc.

FTR I was running with a 6 mag Jakobs shottie and an AR.

I also didn’t notice this when using another setup. Either it’s specific to some guns or differs based on some stats. I only started to notice this when being right in the face of enemies and wanting to shoot my Pestilence COV pistol right after AS activation so I get life steal from Sustainment.

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Yesterday was the last time I played. For some reason it seems to be a little worse lately so why I posted. I’ll try again tomorrow and experiment with different setups.

this happens to me too… i grasp a mob and im stuck for about half the grasp time… i play offline

FWIW, I had the same experience, for the same reasons, and with the same gun (Legendary COV Pestilence Pistol).

Haven’t been able to replicate the delay with any other weapon since however, and as I’m still levelling Amara, I’m changing my loadout pretty frequently.

At the time, I had just reached the FotE tree capstone, so it was level 28, and I had spec’d with Ties That Bind and Allure, if that helps at all.

I’ve done some checking. It seems the grenades are definitely the real problem. Weapons are not consistent enough to keep bringing up. But nads will not be available right away. Let me try to upload when I get a chance.

Playing on PS4 Pro, solo or multi, shooting with Maliwan guns (charging time needed) or tossing grenades right after phasegrasping is never a problem here. Also, I use only Epic (purple rarity) gear…

I’m specced into TTB/SoulSap…

What plateform are you playing on guys ?

You mentioned multiplayer and that reminded me of a few time the lag was so bad I couldn’t switch weapons or reload my gun.

Yep, in multi I noticed something similar : while playing with 1 ammo mag weapon (such as Jakbos shotties on my melee build) I sometimes cannot reload. In fact there’s 0 ammo in the mag, so presing the reload button starts the animation but it stops after half a sec I’d say, and nothing, still empty mag. BUT if I switch to another weapon and switch right back to the first one, the mag is reloaded and I can shoot.
Happened to me A LOT in laggy multi, but never occured on weapons with “normal” mags (above 1 ammo in them). Never happened when I was solo or host, obviously^^

What I believe is happeninig here is : due to bad connection, the input to reload isn’t launched on your end (client) but from the host POV it’s already reloaded. Thus you’re struck in a situation where visually your mag is empty, but when inputing to reload, the game treats your gun as the host of game sees it : full.

Not a direct link with OP, but that’s why I asked if solo or multi : I know that bugs can occur in multiplayer^^