Issue with BL2 ever since their UHD patch

Ever since Gearbox sent out the UHD 4k patch for BL2, even unchecking UHD in DLC, it still makes it unable to be streamed. Before I was able to stream @ 2500kbps fine, no choppy, no lag, but post-UHD, everytime i play BL2 and try to stream it spikes my bitrate up from 2500kbps to 5000, 7000kbps, a significant spike thus causing a slide show. Is there any remedy to fix that, I’ve tried A LOT by changing settings in obs, diff resolutions, diff bitrates, but it thinks BL2 is a 4k game thus needing that extra bitrate when im hardly playing 4k or 1080p, Wish gearbox left bl2 alone cuz I loved streaming it but now they completely broke it for me and its horrible PR

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