Issue with claiming BL3 season pass 2 content ingame-handsome collection conflict?

Hello all!

I just bought the season pass 2 on the psn. I’ve downloaded the costume packs as well as downloaded the designer’s cut dlc. However nothing is showing up ingame? Gone ingame, and clicked posters and anything that leads to dlc content and it all takes me to psn to buy. I’ve restarted ps4, restored my licences and even tried changing the primary ps4…but noting works.

But then something caught my eye? When I went to check my add-ons for BL3 I noticed it said designers cut wasn’t downloaded even though I did indeed download it. I went back and downloaded it again. This time I clicked the notification stating the dlc was ready to start. When I clicked it, it activated the handsome collection!

I was quite confused and had to triple check and make sure the dlc matched the right game but sure enough for some reason designer’s cut is being registered under handsome collection game, I think?

Possibly could ALL of season pass 2 dlc content be filed under the handsome collection thus why nothing is showing up ingame?

Update: I’ve added a screenshot of the add ons that are listed for me under the handsome collection.

Update 2: I’ve found out the issue. If possible can mods close thread?

I’d send that through to 2K support - link is in the pinned thread at the top of this section. It’s the first I’ve heard of this happening, so I can’t comment on whether it’s a full-on bug or just an issue with your install.

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Thank you for your reply.

I did indeed reached out to 2k support via ticket… waiting on a reply from them currently. If all fails I’ll go to sony next and see if they can atleast give me credit on the acct (even though it’s technically all redeemed just not showing up in game :sob:)

It might be worth contacting them now anyway - if it’s a PS4 account/store issue, they may be in a better position to diagnose and assist.