Issue with friendly healers

We all know the roles of characters like Miko and Ambra, generally they’re the healer they keep you alive in fights and save you from having to either teleport back to nova or sitting near a supply station for a minute while you heal. Their role is to keep you and your allies alive. However, what I’ve noticed is a fair number of healers who do the exact opposite. Rather then healing they do damage, rather then keeping their team alive they are content chasing enemies down. Now I inow this is less a issue with Kleese and Reyna, they always give their team shielding when possible, however I’m talking about Miko’s who only throw kunai’s, had a game where in five different firefights I was killed because Miko’s was content dpsing, or Ambra’s dying 10 times in five minutes because they want to keep their damage beam on enemies. This isn’t dying from a huge burst of damage they couldn’t heal through, I understand when that happens, this is them neglecting their roles as a support. I’m curious to hear other people’s thoughts on this, as miko is one if my favorites I love keeping my team alive. In a fight unless I toss out my spore, I’m healing anyone that starts dipping over kunai’s.

Miko and Ambra also have DPS specs which are good for their own survival in fights while dishing damage. If you go in with randoms you can’t expect them to play as full healer, sorry that is just the way it is.

And I understand that, with pugs you never know what you’ll get and that’s just how it’s been for every single game. That being said though, it does get aggravating when they either get you killed or feed for the enemy team. This is the general issue with pugs and as you’ve said, nothing can really been done about it

I can’t disagree

In PVE, focusing heavily on healing gives a lousy points return, I expect it’s the same in PVP. Miko being especially bad, Ambra not so much.

People want points, its how they progress and unlock stuff. I’d say it’s a result of having this mechanic.

Now I am not into competitive play, so I don’t know how other games handle this. But if find it really strange that you have a concept of levelling up on the PVP side of things. I would have thought the whole point of competitive play would be for everybody to have a level playing field and the only thing to separate them would be skill, the item loadout would add an aspect of strategy to your approach maybe. How does this work in other competitive games, do you have to unlock the full potential of a character before you even think of entering a match? Is this why people seem keen to Master a character, as in this makes it the most viable for PVP.

Them not playing the way you have pigeon-holed the characters into isn’t the same as them getting you killed. While it isn’t unreasonable to think someone playing Miko might heal you, if you see they aren’t going to, why would you to continue to expect them to do so and blame them for 5 deaths?

I only get upset if Miko doesn’t heal. His secondary attack, one of his skills and his ult are all healing based. Ambra on the other hand only starts with her relatively weak sunspots, and I’ve found she’s most effective if you spec her purely for DPS or healing, but not both. Essentially, any healing I get from an Ambra is just a cool bonus, whereas I consider it to be Miko’s primary job.

I’ll be curious though to see what the healers are like after a few patches and Alani’s release.

All Mikos can make the same argument for the other 4 people on their team. I play Miko almost full time. The job of everyone else on my team is to protect me and keep me alive. If you had a bad experience with 1 or 2 Mikos then your issue is with those 1 or 2. Don’t throw all of us under the bus because of them.

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Sad you had such bad Miko-experiences. So far I met only glorious nice Mikos & Ambras doing a great healing-job while pushing damage.
Maybe its unexperienced players who think they have to decide for one - heal or damage, while both Miko & Ambra are most badass if you do both based on the current situation.

I disagree on the lousy points for healer. While they aren’t quite as high as the top DPS, if you are healing a good tank and everyone groups on your mushroom you can quite easily get 30+ healing assists in a long game.

I can understand not seeing a teammate in time to heal or getting tunnel vision on an almost dead enemy. But i have had games where we are just pushing back minions after most the enemy died and im sitting right in front of miko at 10% hp and he refuses to heal me.

Have also had 30 minute games where the miko ended with ~40k, and ~20k was to himself. After a 30 minute game you should be at least double that…

Personally, when I play Miko in PvE I try to go as far into dps as I can while in PvP I try to Heal as much as possible. I can understand when a Miko wants to dps in PvP however. And though it can be a bit frustrating at times, it’s a legitimate tactic.
Many characters weren’t meant to fit into one category. I find Ambra’s healing to be terrible so I tend to focus on dps while letting my sunspots typically drop on some friendlies to heal them. With Miko I feel it’s a different story now that they’ve nerfed his Biosynthesis and he can’t really get into the fray anymore, but I still acknowledge that everyone is going to play characters differently. I see mid/close range Marquis players a fair amount and they can really kick butt.

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Miko can still tank enough to kill the majority of the heroes by himself as long as knives hit the target. Is that a good thing? Imo, not really. That makes him too useful which in turn means that anytime you want to win you gotta have a Miko. Is it easy hitting enemies with his daggers? No, but with practice it gets easier.

I reword, gives a lousy return when you start out, with practice you will get into a routine that provides a better return, and a good team will help that too.

I think there might be people who would bypass the learning process of getting a reasonable points return via healing in favour of going full dps where they see a more immediate change to their end of game score.

Fair enough. Personally as healer I don’t even look at points. All that matters to me is ‘healing dealt’. My record is 117k. :smiley:


If I go in with Miko, the only time I’m theowing Kunai is if we’ve cleared the area and I’m helping take out a buildable.
Otherwise I’m a fly on ■■■■ with that healing beam.

My experience with 9 out of 10 Mikos/Ambra is they never heal teammates and focus on dps and are even really bad at it. Get bottom damage scores.

Now as all the supports have decent fps options but they can still support. I play dps Miko and guess what, you can still heal just fine.

I see a similar problem with Montana’s who blindly charge in ahead or away from the team into fights and repeatedly die.
(Also alot of really bad players on Rath / Caldarius too )

If there is an Ambra on my team I hope she never stops doing her thing to heal somebody. She is a monster when she can stay engaged circle strafing the fringes.

If you need healing go stand/fight close to a sunspot. If you think you’ll die doing that, then teleport back to base, grab those shards on the way back, and build/upgrade the accelerator or turret before rejoining the fight.

I am for people playing however they want. But since there’s a limitation of one unique character for each team in PVP, I also expect someone picking Miko to heal. If they intend to just DPS, feel free to pick another hero.

When not playing with people I know, I always tend to be the last person to pick a hero to grab that needed support/healer role. If someone picks Miko before me, I won’t go support route since I actually expect that person to do what Miko is best at, and that is healing and not dpsing.

I feel like there’s some things in the post I didn’t really touch on clarify based on the replies, which I’m actually surprised there’s been some discussion for this, in PvE It makes more sense for Miko to go damage, Miko is capable of dealing good damage and in that environment that seems more useful then sticking a healing beam on someone for 30 minutes. However, I feel for PvP, and this especially for those who last pick Miko since the team is lacking healers, I expect the Miko to actually heal. I’ve said before and seen good Miko’s win games for their team because not only are they keeping teammates alive, they’re saving them time to teleport to base. What I initially brought up was talking about Miko’s who probably didn’t even know they had a healing beam and the Ambra’s who don’t even throw a sunspot out for healing. They are very capable of damage and every time they get a kill it’s very nice, I’ve killed multiple heroes as Miko before, but if they’re the only support I just am expecting a little healing every now and then.