Issue with Gearbox (or is it 2K?) Support

I’m a bit confused. On 5/2/19 went to to report a pretty bad screen tear issue I’m having with the GOTY edition on Xbox One. A person by the name of Julian M. with 2K Support (not Gearbox) responded and informed me that the devs were aware of the issue and were working on a solution with no ETA available. After continuing to communicate with Julian over the last several weeks, since I’d heard absolutely nothing from Gearbox regarding this issue (and still haven’t), I asked last week if there was any way I could communicate directly with someone at Gearbox to try and get more info about this supposed fix that’s being worked on. He said that there was a way to communicate with them: by submitting a request on, which is of course what led me to him and 2K Support to begin with.

At any rate, perhaps someone on here can help me. Is there any way to reach Gearbox directly so I can find out when, if ever, I can expect the $29.99 plus applicable sales tax product that they produced and that I purchased to function as intended? Thanks in advance.

This is the correct site. You’ll hear back from either 2K or GBX depending on which game/version it is - 2K is the publisher and GBX the developer. I’m guessing that, after some time interval, primary responsibility for support shifts from one to the other.

Like it or not, Gearbox do not generally announce a timetable for releasing fixes. There are several reasons for this, but basically it’s not a predictable process. Further, since updates have to go through platform certification (which takes time) they’ll often try to combine several fixes in a single patch. Announcing a patch when it goes out for certification is risky since, if a problem crops up during the process, the update has to be delayed for however long it takes to fix and re-certify the patch.

The complicating factor in this specific case is that the remaster was out-sourced to a third-party studio (Blind Squirrel), much as the Handsome Collection versions of BL2 and TPS were.

You could ask on the official Borderlands Twitter account if they have an ETA. GBX community staff do monitor the forums, but they may not have any information to add either since they are not on the development team.

All of this makes since, Mr. Hunter101, but I guess I’ll just say I’m not exactly overwhelmed with confidence that Gearbox is working very hard on the fix, given that they presumably tested the product before they released it, and it’s been out for over two months, with time running out for consumers to play through BL1 and BL2 (and dare I say BLTPS?) and all the DLC before BL3 launches without really rushing through. And, that aside, why would Julian refer me back to the same website that led me to him when he’s not Gearbox and that’s what I’d asked for? Like, if he had just said “no,” my complaint would at least be different.

I understand they’re kinda busy right now, but that’s not my fault. If I’d known there would be this much screen tear in the “remaster,” I would’ve stuck with my backcomp X360 version. Outside of what should have been and was advertised as graphical improvements, there’s not enough additional content in the GOTY edition to justify the extra expense. But, I assumed the graphics would be an improvement, and to be fair, it’s easy to see that they would be if not for the tearing. As is, I suppose I’ll not make that mistake again when Gearbox tries to sell me a “remaster” but obviously has bigger fish to fry. At any rate, there’s something called standing by your product that I hope Gearbox still believes in. Maybe I should have more confidence, but I don’t right now. I suppose we’ll see.

I think if you choose the “Other” category on that screen, it goes directly to GBX support. Don’t quote me on that, though!

Are you on regular XB1 or XB1X? I can honestly say I’ve not experienced any screen tear on a base version XB1 with the remaster. That obviously doesn’t have the 4K textures though.

See, that’s another thing that doesn’t make sense to me is why I’m experiencing it and others aren’t. I’m on the regular old plain-jane Xbox One. I purchased mine just a month or so after the console came out. Should I try uninstalling and reinstalling, maybe? I haven’t tried anything like that yet since I’d been holding out hope that this ticket would produce a result.

It wouldn’t hurt to delete and reinstall the game; just make sure that you don’t delete the game saves. If it’s still showing screen tearing after that, it may be worth considering a factory reset. You’d want to make sure that all your saves were fully sync’d to the cloud, but doing that does clear up a lot of the cruft that builds up sight-unseen on the hard drive. If you’re having save file issues in other games or occasionally get system crashes (and the usual suspects would be the likes of Skyrim SE, Fallout 4, and similar) then I’d definitely recommend a reset. It’s a pain, but it does seem to solve a bunch of issues.

The other thing I’d check is whether the case is ventilating properly still - if the air-flow is reduced because of dust in the vents, the GPU could be over-heating, and that would obviously show up on screen.

Awesome, I’ll give that a try. I guess I thought the GOTY saves were on the cloud, so it’s a good thing you mentioned that. I’ll move local saves to another drive or something before uninstalling. I’ll report back this evening. Thanks a lot!

Saves are both local and sync’d to the cloud on XB1 remaster.

When you select the game and choose “Manage” from the popup menu, you should see the options to delete just the game, just the saves, or everything. I don’t remember being able to move just the saves to a different drive?

Same when you go to do a Factory Reset - there’s an option to completely wipe the drive, or keep the games and apps while clearing the accounts. The latter cuts down on download time, but you still need to re-add your profile(s) to the console.

Outstanding. I’m finally excited again to get home and hopefully continue my game! Thanks again.

@VaultHunter101 Quick question while I test this new install. What sensitivity do you have your look controls set to?

Field of View: 90
Sensitivity: 7
1080p 60Hz screen

Hi, there. Just wanted to report that uninstalling and reinstalling did not work, nor did fiddling with the display settings on both my console and TV. My TV’s refresh rate is 60Hz, but my Xbox doesn’t appear to output in 60Hz. It gives me options to “allow 24Hz,” which works when checked, and “allow 50Hz,” which does not work when checked. The option to “allow variable refresh rate” is greyed out. I haven’t tried the factory reset yet, but it’s next on my list. Not sure how to make sure my game saves are safe.

Try replacing the cable between the XB1 and the TV? It sounds like it isn’t ‘reading’ what the TV is capable of correctly, so it’s defaulting to basic CRT-compatible settings. I’m using a straight HDMI connection.

90? 90? You like tunnel vision??? :slight_smile: :stuck_out_tongue:

The BL1 remaster allowing me to set 110 made the game ultra-playable for me. Same with BL2 (and other games), FOV of 110 feels like the most natural simulation of physical human sight to me. Human eyes have a true FOV of 135, but the “extra” 10 degrees per side are pretty blurry, 110 works the most comfortably on video screens for me.

Not normally, no. I play around quite a bit with the FoV. I usually have it a bit higher, but it wasn’t good when I was playing local split-screen with my son and I reduced it.

The other issue I run into is that if the FoV is too wide I am more likely to start experiencing motion sickness. That also depends on screen size and distance from the screen, so it’s a good thing there is an FoV slider!

Mine’s lower than that on account of extreme myopia - I’m limited by the frames of my glasses.

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And interestingly enough for me the 4k updates cause more eye strain for me. Took me a week for my eyes to re-adjust on PS4 and XboxX. And I just upgraded my laptop today and playing in 4k on it is causing my eyes to ache.

Eyes are funny things.

I have now tried doing a full factory reset and replaced the HDMI cable. Still experiencing bad screen tear. I’m wondering if a) my TV does not allow variable refresh rate (since the option is greyed out on my Xbox display settings screen), and b) if being able to enable that option would fix the problem?

This is all beside the point of the runaround I’m getting from the “support” staff.

To be fair to the support staff, it’s not like they can just pop in and check out both your console and screen - having to do support through a text medium is pretty hard.

Anyway, just poking around the Display & sound settings on my console. I’m seeing “Allow 50 Hz” but not any of the others. However, I believe the native XB1 BL1 and BL2 should both be running at 60 Hz. All the other options are greyed out with my TV.

Really not sure what to make of your issues. The only other thing I can think of is if you’re console is running hot an occasionally throttling either the CPU or GPU.

I think I’m being plenty fair to the support staff. They’ve already told me it’s a known issue, but that was two months ago, and we’re now closing in on two months until BL3 comes out and I haven’t heard a single additional bit of information since. No attempt to support me individually with my problem has been made by the staff (just by you, which I’m extremely grateful for).

@VaultHunter101 Just FYI - clicking “Other” after choosing to submit a new request apparently doesn’t necessarily connect you with Gearbox as we’d hoped. I created a new ticket under “Other” and this time was connected with Marlowe of 2K Support who then referred me to the Borderlands Twitter page, disclaiming that his/her group was “only technical support” and get info from devs from social media the same as we do. So, two additional questions now come to mind: 1) if this isn’t a technical support issue I’m requesting help with, then what is it? And, 2) is it safe to say that Gearbox is not actually reachable via the Gearbox Support help desk?