Issue with guardian ranks (exp overflow)

Since I mostly played offline and decided to give the online gameplay a try I encountered a game-breaking issue. With my offline guardian rank of 425+ I now have guardian rank above 850 and after a bit of research on the internet the hard cap seems to be guardian rank 850. So if I kill an enemy now I get an experience overflow which bugs out the game for about 10 seconds. This renders the game unplayable.
How can I fix this? Is there a way to just reset the guardian ranks? I don’t really care about those anyway…

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Im having the exact same issue and even put in a support ticket but no response yet still. Its honestly so dumb. Only temporary fix I know as of now is download the fling trainer and turn on infinite xp so you can at least play the game but online wont work unless you are the host

This sucks major donkey balls!
But thank you, that actually works… lol