Issue with item cards


Not sure if this has been brought up, but there is an issue with some item cards, and it does depend entirely on how many effects the card has on it, for example: -27% weapon damage, etc.

Here is a perfect comparison example of a card that is fine and a card that isn’t:

Fine is: correct item card

Not fine: incorrect item card

It probably isn’t a big deal if people know and have memorised every anointment in the game, but with new anointments coming in every so often in patches. It may not always be obvious.

The issue isn’t just with the gunner anoinments but any when there is too many stats on the card like the Brainstormer example. The card needs to be only 2-5 more pixels higher, or have a scroll in it somehow. As under the last line of that card: consumes 2 ammo per shot, it obviously has Anointed gunner under that, but it isn’t displayed due to the anoinment description box written over the top of it.

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Anointments also override the lower description text, where the tracker type for Atlas guns and the shield behavior for Hyperion guns is, for example. Ruby’s Wrath has a dedicated tracker, but if that was a Pattern Black, we wouldn’t know what kind of tracker it had without equipping it and switching modes. For Hyperion, I think the color of the shield indicates the type when this information is missing?

Hopefully it’s on their to-do list.


No offense but what you’ve said has got nothing to do with what I’ve said or whether it’s a hyperion or atlas weapon. Brainstormer card should have said:
+10% critical hit damage
-27% weapon damage
+66% weapon accuracy
+25% weapon shield capacity
consumes 2 ammo per shot
Anointed Gunner

That last line is the point my post is making. The item cards need to be one or two lines longer. This is an issue with multiple weapons and nothing to do with the manufacturer at all.

You also can’t tell what type of reload Tediore weapons have if they are annointed.

I wish it would switch between displaying the annointment and the unique gimmick every 5 seconds.


I think they were just pointing out another issue, namely that not only the item describtion can overwrite the anoint, but also that the anoint can overwrite item describtions, namely things like the alternate fire mode for Atlas guns and shield type for Hyperion guns.

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It’s not Gunner exclusive bonus btw. So in this case doesn’t matter if the card stays anointed line or not.
I think I only saw one or two specific anointed drops without that info. Thats very small % of all total my drops, but yeah GBX need to fix this. The bigger issue are pointed above the reaload type, shield etc missing when gun is anointed.