Issue with Lucky 7 and ammo regen?

So with how Lucky 7 behaves, I’ve noticed on Moze if I hold onto a good roll for a while and never reload, the bonuses start falling off. For example, if I get a good roll of 7, crosshairs, and mushroom cloud, they eventually just go away, leaving the gun with a single bonus or none at all.

Is this intentional?

Did you incidentally reload but cancel the animation with a grenade throw? You also lose everything but auto crit if you go into FFYL.

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Definitely not an animation cancel since my mag size is 18 with my build and takes some serious effort to burn it down. I didn’t notice if FFYL was when the effects would be removed. Will have to test.

I’ve definitely been downed and revived so quick that I never went into the animation. You can miss the second wind sign if things are really hectic.

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Fast Travel, FFYL and weapon swap eliminate the 7 bonus.

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Booo. I hope its just a bug. Thanks for the clarification!