Issue with Ollie Story Progression At the Apple Tree

(Skaicloud9) #1

Hi Tech Support,

I have an issue getting past Ollie’s Apple Tree main quest in Act 3. I get a bug when picking up the Bobbies’ gas masks that stops me from moving forward in the story. Because the gas masks do not register me picking them up and the 3rd checklist item for the quest does not get ticked off. I become stuck on the first island. I’ve tried restarting my game from Act 1 twice, I’ve tried to start from the same game file from act 3 and act 2, I’ve tried different save files, I’ve gone back to save files that had the glitch after updating, and I have no success. I haven’t played since after the last update. What should I do? Has the newest update fixed this issue? I love this game and just want to finish it and know the ending. Can you help me?