Issue with Party lag in Borderlands Enchaned

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Anyway last night and into today partying up for me in Enchanced BL is not working. The game runs smoothly except for the fact that there is just lag. My friends lag everywhere, the enemies lag everywhere. We can party up in BL2 fine so I was wondering if there was a known issue with BL Enchanced?

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There have been a number of people reporting that they either can’t connect with their friends or that they keep disconnecting. I haven’t seen a resolution for this yet.

There also have been a number of people who’ve had lag/frame-rate issues with the game in general (with turned out to be an easy fix).

So - how’s the game for you solo?

The game solo for me is wonderful. Runs perfectly. Its just when we get into multiplayer that it lags.

Something that might affect it.
2/3 friends in my party share my internet provider. (sometimes i know this causes issues in other games)

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OK - I don’t have any info that can help you with this, but keep an eye on this section (Tech Support - PC) for other posts.

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Online play is still laggy as hell. Confirmation that Gearbox acknowledges the bug, and is working to fix it would be greatly appreciated.

If you’re experiencing consistent lag issues with on-line multiplayer, I suggest you file a support ticket - if there are known issues, the support desk staff may know of workarounds.

You can check to see any currently known issues for a specific game and platform by starting from