Issue with pre-ordering and VIP rewards

So I pre-ordered the game before having an account. I then made an account to get VIP rewards and it is telling me to get more rewards, I would have to pre-order the game. Is there a way to get my account to have the game I already pre-ordered?

Just do the survey on the VIP site. The fact that you’ve already pre-ordered doesn’t matter.

Thank you

i bought mine on Epic games store, i only knew about this after, how do i claim the reward?

unless of course the reward is claimed under the epic games store anyway, i just dont know if that is the case

I don’t know when they’re going to cut things off. Check the main BL3 Discussion thread for codes, links, etc. Rewards are all through SHIFT, so as long as your VIP -> SHIFT -> Game platform you should be good.

okay so i just linked the 2k account to the shift acount and then the epic games acount to the 2k one and boom, done

thanks for the help i apreciate it

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