Issue with purchasing season pass

Hello all. I need some help with the season pass. I bought the game from the US, but my main psn account is from a different region. So from previous experience, I know that DLC is region locked in that US copies on games need US PSN store purchased DLC. For other games previously, after purchasing the DLC from the US store and making sure the accounts are primary accounts on my PS4, I could use the DLC with my main account.

So after purchasing the Battleborn season pass from Amazon digital for my US copy of the game and activating it in my US PSN account, I can access the Season Pass content on my US account, but not on my main account (which is what I use for PS+ etc.).

From the looks of it, will it be impossible to access the season pass content with my main account then? I would purchase the season pass again with my main account in my region’s PSN store, but then again it would not work because based on above, my copy of the game is from US. I hope I didn’t write it too complicated and any help would be appreciated…

One of the controversial choices made with the season pass in Battleborn was that it is locked to a single account, and cannot be shared between accounts even if they are on the same physical system. This applies to both PS4 and XB1. So, even though you only need one copy of the game, you need two season passes if you want to unlock all DLC story ops for two accounts just to play couch co-op.

You may want to see if you can get a refund on the season pass, but you’d need to take that up with the PS store or Amazon.

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