Issue with Respec system

I think we should be able to just Respec certain points instead of having to start all the way over. Like have the option to just remove points out of a skill you no longer want to use but keep the rest. It’s kind of a pain remembering exactly how your character is specced all over again.


If it helps, there are skill tree apps for smart phones. I have one that let’s you save/name skill trees, add class mod points, has a note function, and gives you a nice summary view of all selected skills. Not updated to 53lvl yet sadly.
Not ideal, but a good plan B.

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That’s what I’m going to do right now actually, thanks.

I agree.
It would be great, while you in the respec tree, to be able to reduce or increase individual skills after selecting them. I do not care if you have to pay for the changes, but it would be nice.