Issue with Terror build

There really needs to be a way to see how much terror you have.
I am using a shield that gives me terror every 5seconds for the next 18 seconds
The screen getting all green doesn’t help since I can use and get my action skill in less than 18 seconds giving me almost constant terror

On a side note, if anyone on xbox live has a good Purple Dahl smg with the terror anointment, while terrified gain increased damage and fire rate. Hit me up.

You can have max of 3 stacks you can tell how many stacks you have by the edges of the screen and the sounds, the more you have the less you can see, each stack lasts 15 seconds giving you 5 seconds of 3 stacks before they start to diminish, Terror is going to be the new meta as it is op that grenades can effect your dmf and fire rate, as well and the 50% cryo on guns applying to all dmg sources.

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