Issue with the Experiment

After running this mission a few times I want to confirm if this is an issue with me or the mission. The hitpoints carryover from the first set of waves to the last set and have resulted in mission failure several times.

First set of waves at the start of mission has two points you must defend, each with its own HP amounts yet share one bar on the screen so it’s hard to tell which has less or more. Losing just one will result in failure.

After restoring the power and comms you are tasked to come back and defend the center once more but from a 360 assault. However the points have the leftover HP from the first set of waves. Is this intentional or bug?

Most of the time the cores lose health the first waves as people are learning and understanding they need to defend these points but they take a small beating but the final waves are very brutal and almost always result in a substantial health being lost on the point.

If this is intentional it should really be changed and have those points regen before that set of waves before the boss.

Has anyone else had this happen to them on this mission?

If I understand what you are asking, you mean that the health remains the same between checkpoints? If that is the case, I do believe it is intentional. It is to make it a bit more difficult. If you lose too much health before the boss fight, you are pretty much screwed. The first boss takes down a good portion of health, so you need to have as much as you can before that. I got through it after a few tries with some randoms. My advice would be to just get as many flash/temporal towers down as you get get and thumper turrets help a lot. The turrets take out the weaker guys pretty well, so focusing on the elite enemies is a must. It is a pretty tough mission, but without a doubt doable.

Yea I’ve beaten it more times then lost, just seemed odd that the HP does not regen. On The Sentinel, the bot regens before the march back across the map with all the data stored up but this mission does not do that seemed like a break in continuity

Hmm, with that said, it is a bit odd. I still believe it was intentional, but not so much that it was the greatest idea. At the very least, Miko should be able to provide some amount of repair to an objective if there is no health regen on it. Maybe at a reduced rate, it’d be too easy to slap a Miko on an objective for near infinite healing.

Or a Repair bot, they fix turrets and traps. Why not the points? They can’t out heal a barrage but they can fix it up between waves easily get some back but not a lot


Yeah, that is a good idea too. Something to keep the points afloat just a little bit longer could make quite the difference.