Issue with transfer from ps3 to ps4

i uploaded a character from ps3 to ps4 and had 72 key on my axton named Jackle. i loaded him to an online game for a bit and logged off and only used a key on the server. i went and deleted him for temp to download him a second time cause i lost a weapon i needed in the last server i was in. ince redownloaded, i found out my golden keys were no longer there. i want to know is there a way to get my 71 keys back? PSN name is AkatokuChaos. assistance would be greatful

It’s possible you got hit by the BAR reset glitch. Are you also missing heads, skins, and BAR rank/points? If so, filing a support ticket should at least get you your keys back.

Note that the reset can happen if you don’t save/quit from the game properly, or if the save update is interrupted by logging out of your profile or turning your system off.