Issue With Transferring Characters

Recently I have gotten the Handsome Collection after owning the game previously on PS3, and as much fun as it has been to play a little bit of the game starting off, I wanna transfer my original character over. The issue is that my PS3 account differs from my PS4, when I made my PS4 account I couldn’t remember my original password so I made a new account, and I have far too much progress for many games on my current account to want to redo it all just for Borderlands. Is there a possible way I can transfer my character to my other profile?

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You can’t swap character saves between profiles, no. That’s a Sony & MS restriction.

You could have both accounts active on the same PS4 though, and I believe you can set it up so both accounts can use your purchased version of HC. Paging @GrzesPL as he knows more about PS than I do.

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I highly doubt it’s possible. Even if you had access to your old account, I guess using in-game save transfer wouldn’t work, cause iirc saves are also tied to account (or was it console profile?).
Do you even have access to your old account and saves?