Issues in Captain Scarlett/TIny Tina DLC

I had some issues last month in both of the aforementioned DLC packs. The first one being kinda minor as it didn’t really affect gameplay or performance at all, but the second was quite hindering to gameplay.

The first issue was an invisible wall that should not have been there around a chest at the base of Magny’s Lighthouse. The wall was well out in front of the chest, and after jumping around a lot on it, I found it was dome-shaped. There are rocks behind it, so I wonder if the wall was meant to cover the rocks. Still able to access the chest and its loot though, so like I said not a big issue.
Here’s a video clip:

The second issue, in Tiny Tina’s DLC, is much more game breaking and should be addressed. Playing co-op while exploring the Wizard’s Crossing and immediate surrounding areas, the geometry will become insanely stretched, textures will disappear completely to leave behind just colors on planes, whole sections of the world will drop out/disappear, geometry will twitch and stutter right on the screen thus hindering movement, and formations will just suddenly appear as you move closer to them. This issue seems to be only in this and the immediate surrounding areas, but it’s still a major issue.
Video clip of this one:

Both video clips were captured and posted by me.