Issues Tracking Friends in Multiplayer (Character Names, Mini Map, and FFYL)

While playing multiplayer, friend’s names will randomly disappear from over their character’s heads, making it incredibly difficult to track them, find them, and distinguish them from foes, especially during the chaos of battle. In addition, the markers on the mini map are incredibly difficult to see (yours and friend’s). With the mini map a light blue color and you and your friend’s markers both the same light grey color, it’s incredibly difficult to not only distinguish the markers from the mini map but also distinguish your marker from your friend’s marker. The mini map character marker sizes need to be increased, there need to be separate marker colors for you and your friends, the marker colors need to stand out more from the blue of the mini map (contrasting colors), and the issue with the disappearing names over friend’s heads needs to be fixed.

Also, it’s incredibly difficult to tell when a friend has fallen into Fight For Your Life mode. This is mainly due to all markers being too small and not standing out above the chaos. Friend’s health bars are tiny (goes to the small text size/small UI issues multiple people have already reported) and it’s difficult to see any indication there. And the red icon that pops up over a downed friend doesn’t stand out enough and isn’t large enough to be noticed most of the time due to the other chaos on the screen.


This and this! The disappearing nameplates of party members almost makes it unplayable. Amd the mini map icons being the same color for all party members as yourself is atrocious, who thought that was a good idea?


Almost june 2020 and this is still a problem on PC! I can handle the mini map but the player names needs to be fix PLEASE thanks

Can confirm this is still an issue, almost a year after release. Would be nice to get some confirmation that bugs like these are actually being fixed

Still a big problem and you can see it in the latest live stream for arms race…

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