Issues with Badass Ranks

Has anyone else been having issues with their Sniper Rifle bad ass ranks? I have been stuck on 123 kills via critical hits with a sniper rifle despite killing many this way. This has become very frustrating since using a sniper is kind of the point of the Baroness. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.

Maybe one of your skills is messing with the challenge. What is your build?

You can show us via

All of my skill points are in the huntress skill tree. My skills include:
Culling the Herd
Long-Range Killer
Silver Lining
I Never Miss
Magic Bullet
Large Caliber

Any of these seem like it could mess with the challenge?

I have all of those skills too, except for I Never Miss (because I do miss, ha ha). I have the challenges Melon Splitter and Critical Reception completed. Maybe trying another sniper?

LRK and the capstone could

I too am having this issue. I was trying to knock out challenges yesterday (on PS4 in the Handsome Collection) with the never-ending midget spawn in RedBelly’s. I was trying to finish the Melon Splitter Challenge and I noticed that I’m stuck at 362/400 and even though I’m definitely getting critical hits, it does not budge. This is really frustrating! I tested it today and it seems as though none of the critical hit based challenges are working. Critical Reception also will not increase and is stuck at 181/300. I tried using different snipers and it doesn’t seem to matter. I also tried this with mt husband’s Wilhelm Character and his Timmy Character and it works just fine for them. So this seems to be an Aurelia problem. I also took LRK out of my spec and it still did not work.

I see you originally posted this in February. Did you ever get an answer or fix for this?

Just… spec out of most skills, to be on the safe side.

Yep, good advice. I did a lot of testing this morning and discovered that “Magic Bullet” is the culprit. The crits count as long as there isn’t a point in that. So I will leave that out while I finish up those challenges.