Issues with game launching

Hi there. (In advance, I’m sorry, if wrong forum section)

I can’t even open the game. Got my code few days ago, activate it now and download on Steam. I’m trying to launch and see:


And for final, this:

So, the question is: This are technical issues, or i just can’t launch the game on my notebook?

so, at least as a start to your issue, the game has noticed that your graphics drivers are out of date, and has stopped to warn you of this issue.
[From this point on, I’m going purely on uneducated supposition until we hit the advice part] As this likely happened during initial setup, the stop for that may have done something to prevent your game cache from being created properly (hence problem 2). From the looks of it, your low level error occurred when the game tried to fetch from your cache (but couldn’t because it wasn’t there yet, causing it to crash) [here ends Hammer’s supposition portion]
It looks like the root cause may need to be worked out long term, but I’d recommend updating your drivers to the recommended version, then either verifying the game files, or completely uninstalling and re-installing.
Happy hunting