Issues with joined gamed

I am a rank 35 I have a friend I play with who is a rank 22 he played with me for a while just ranking up and we just started playing his campaign how ever since I have joined his game all the enemies are on my level and not his so he cant play his chara unless Im playing with him since Im the only one who can beat the enemies. is there a way to fix the issue where the enemies in his game are by his rank and not mine or is he going to have to start all over?

Sounds odd. The only thing I can think of is that he completed Normal mode with you and started True Vault Hunter Mode (THVM). Then, when he’s starting his own game by pressing “Continue” on the main screen he’s continuing - under-levelled - on TVHM. Have him try hitting the character select option first (Y on 360), then see what play-throughs he has available. If he has normal and true, tell him to select normal then continue, and see if that fixes the problem. If I’m right, he’ll probably get the option to skip forward at some point. That should get him caught up on all the missions etc.

he started off a new character in my game, we got him to level 20 by farming the giant thing in the cave in the part before you get to Concordia we didnt play any missions then went to play on his new campaign and the enemies on his game were still my level not his

Ah! What mission did you leave him on? It seems very odd that you’d have enemies over 30 in first play-through, unless you were doing the new DLC.

thats where he started on his after he left the ship is that the reason the dlc? if so ty for your help

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Yes, its cuz you are in the DLC.

The DLC scales to 30 in Normal, 40 in TVHM.

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you are awesome thank you I hadnt event thought about that

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