Issues with mouse in inventory/selling at vending machines after previous hotfix

Anyone else having issues with selecting items from the backpack to sell at the vending machines? When I hover the mouse over an item in the backpack it’s not showing the item information . When I try to scroll with the mouse in the backpack inventory it moves the vending machine items instead. I t started after the hotfix prior to the one dated 2/27. I have an Alienware PC with an nvidia 1080 and razer mouse and keyboard. Is it a common problem for other PC users recently?

Yep, and they are working on it, but it can not be repaired by hotfix. There’s a topic about this one somewhere. Try marking your guns as junk in your backpack first, and go to the vending machine after that and sell it with one button press.


(PC user) I’ve started using ASWD keys to move around the inventory while selling.

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Yep having the same issue. Even affects just browsing my inventory.
Not sure why it can’t be fixed in a hotfix, a hotfix caused the problem, so why can’t it be fixed with one.
I hadn’t though about trying the ASWD keys, I’ll give it a try. But my issue is that the item info isn’t showing up after a few minutes. And it’s a royal PITA to try to free up slots in my inventory.

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