Issues with online?

is anyone else having issues with online play?

me and a few of my friends are tryin to do some farming but its is tell us that no one is online but we all are… can anyone help???

I was seeing a whole bunch of posts in the PC BL2 section yesterday or this morning. Did you check the SHIFT status twitter account?

yes I did they havent posted anything since Sept. 9th and I even tweeted at them

In that case, it could be anything, There weren’t any updates or hotfixes on the game side of things. I know the game does some checks when creating a session and, if it fails, automatically switches to offline. However, that could be due to anything from a system update causing a change in firewall settings to heavy traffic over the network between you and the shift servers.

ok thank you ill check my fire wall settings… I was starting to stress because it has been this way since yesterday

Yeah, something started happening yesterday but I don’t know what. If it isn’t the settings and a reboot doesn’t clear things up, you may want to file a support ticket

I just filed a ticket and hopefully they fix it soon