Issues with pre orders

Hi guys

So this is going to be part rant part question. My fiance really got me into borderlands, we now have two TV’s and 2 PlayStations so we can play online together. Fiance pre orders bl3 super deluxe edition on Aug 31st, from Game (uk gaming shop), tries to buy another copy, it says 1 per ORDER. So he tries again using my details and his card. This goes through fine, but I receive an email cancelling the order due to security issues.

Jump forward to today, I check my emails and only just realise I got this email (totally my bad on that part). The other half then orders it again but using his mates details and card (with his permission of course), but keeps the address to ours. It bounces again, so he tries yet again using a different email address, different card, and different home address, this again bounces.

After a chat with game (who disconnected their phones lines so it’s live chat only) they said oh no it’s only 1 per household. But I have the screenshot saying specifically one per order, not household. I can’t complain to them because it just sends me straight back to live chat.

The reason we wanted to pre order it from Game is mainly because it came with the bandit mask, amongst other bits. yes I know not a big deal but still this shouldn’t be this difficult.

Here comes the question. Is anyone else having issues with Game or another I’m shop like this? I could understand one per customer, but what if u have a bunch of students house sharing? Are they seriously saying only one of them can get the game??

This seems very strange, I’d advise hitting up Games twitter for the shop, or popping in store, most are open to 22:00 tonight and releasing the game at 21:00.

They’ve been great for me so far, no issues whatsoever.