Issues with rank perks

So in the past I had this issue with the elemental damage perk not showing up to use a rank on that one. I did hear from another person on a discord server that if a perk is the lowest stat you have it will show up more frequently compared to your highest ones. This time I made sure that this perk was the lowest but not by choice because no matter how many ranks I go up it doesn’t seem to show up for me at all. My shield recharge delay has started to fall behind the other ones because it just never shows up for selection. There used to be a trick that worked where you could reload the game or swap characters and your selections would re-roll so you could sometimes choose the ones you want. Now for some reason that trick doesn’t even work for me either and I just don’t understand why we can’t select the ones we want from the start either. I get that after a while the percentage caps out at 15% but at least give us the right to choose which stat to max out first instead of just hoping that this guardian rank isn’t just wasted on vehicle damage or something else no one wants to use it on.

The difference between stat has to be fairly substantial for a spicific one to show up.
Seeing as there are two choices for each category that means there is one stat in each category you can single out and never level up. This means that almost 90% of the time said stat will be one of your two choices.

My understanding of the system is the likelyhood is based not on how many point have been put in but what the stat is at. If my understanding is correct this means as the stat increases they become more random due to less difference between the majority of your stats.

To elaborate say each stat in a category is around 12%. Your next rank is going to give you like .2% in a stat. The difference between one at 11.8% and one at 12.2% is much less so the slightly increases have less and less impact on what stats appear next time.

Basically its RNG. Outside of choosing a single stat to never level I wouldn’t bother picking an choosing what to focus on. They are nice little benefits but less impactful when you consider how much Class Mods and COMs give us in terms of bonuses when you yet good stats :smiley:

It just doesn’t make any sense why the game should put even more rng on something like this when we get enough of that from loot drops. We shouldn’t have to rank up 30+ times just to get a few put into the 1 stat we were trying to focus on. That just seems to me that they are trying to get us to grind even more for the stats we don’t care to use just so we can get what we are trying to get.

The stats form Guardian ranks are sort of ment to be a nice little bonus. In BL2 badass ranks were really only impactful during the early levels on subsequent characters due to how passive stats tally up in most cases.

I will say having relics and COMs pulls from a list of around 200 different bonus stats is a bit ridiculous. Guardian Ranks on the other hand are more focused on the perks at this point. Stuff like Groundbreaker, Topped off, Overkill, and Too Angry to Die make me not really care about the stat given.

I would be all for giving the player more agency over the things that help them develop there character but when it comes to a 15% gun damage buff in already stacking on all the gun damage I’m getting from my passive skills I try not to sweat it to much :slight_smile:

Well if you would like to discuss the perks from the other items in the game I would say do that elsewhere because this isn’t a post meant to discuss all of that. It is a post on tech support so hopefully someone who works on this game can see that people will want the choice over their guardian ranks. I understand that is your opinion and you have the right to it, but with all due respect I think there are better places that you can apply that to instead of here.