Issues with Rath Vs. Isic

First off, not sure if the final mechanic on Isic is to constantly throw you around in the air and such or if has other parts, but basically this makes it very hard to get melee hits in with Rath, not impossible to defeat but just tediously long, the wost part about it is that Rath’s pleated jacket keeps getting in the way of the players vision making it almost impossible to keep a steady target on isic.

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also wanted to note on the ISIC fight, had lots of issues getting locked under his feet as he is walking then getting throw into the air out of no where

Yeah its a problem alot of people have complained about hopefully then will change that whole final stage of the boss. You should try is as kelvin with no ranged attacks or skills its great fun :wink:

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I also encountered this with Rath. I was eventually able to hit him with Cross Strike a few times, but it seemed to rely overmuch on pure luck and having a few lives to spend. I would definitely suggest some consideration for melee-based characters attempting this fight solo.

I found this same problem. I find at the point with the floating head the melee charters just kinda fall off of the fight. The range characters or melee characters with a single ranged attack have to basically take over the fight. However in solo it’s sooo hard to accomplish this part of the fight as a melee character. I could see this being corrected by making a line of code stating if the player is running a solo melee character that the skull will not float above a jumpable hight. Not to say it should never float up at all but basically have it touch down frequently enough for you to stand a chance. Otherwise as long as there’s someone who can hit him it’s just part of the challenge of the level.

I agree with the jacket getting in the way.