Issues with screen resolution

so, i cannot play the game because the game starts off having an off centered resolution, meaning all the options at the menu screen are outside my display view. tried manuely setting resolution in playercfg.lua, and even tried setting fullscreen to 0 in the file, but no go.

A review mentioned that some UI was not accessible by the mouse cursor unless it was run in borderless windowed mode, maybe take a look at that?

yeah i seem to be getting somewhere with having it in windowed mode, but it’s not a solution, since when i try to change it to my desired resolution in fullscreem, it just shifts the display off center again. not sure how i’m going to get this to work.

Check your monitor’s scaling settings? Just throwing out ideas.

Have you tried creating a shortcut from steam and using the good old -w 1920 -h 1080 string? Just like the good old days

Note: Adjust resolution as needed.

Nope - your monitor scaling is set above 100%. It’s a known issue. Find the HomeworldRM.exe and right-click - choose Properties, then Compatibility, then ‘Disable scaling for High DPI…’ - and restart. You’ll be all set! It’ll be resolved in the build itself when next we update (not 100% sure when, yet).

My game crashes to desktop upon launch. However, it minimizes the game. Whenever I click on the tray icon the game blinks for a second then puts me back to desktop. I had to force windowed mode through steam launch options. Any idea why my game is crashing whenever it is set to fullscreen?

No idea at all, tell me about your hardware… I can’t do support - but I may know off-hand.

I am having the exact same problem as CC132. Windows 7 pro / R9 280X. Disabling scaling doesnt help.

I also can’t tell how to enable windowed mode so I can’t play. Help?

Head over to Gearbox Support and see if it’s covered there - or submit a request. I’d mostly worry about your latest drivers maybe? I know that was fine - before that was a bit of a mess depending on many factors. I did a fair bit of dev recently with an R9 290 X3 - so I know it works (and SCREAMS with most options on full).

Can you add this to the Workarounds thread in the Tech Support forum?

I’m under the impression most of the info about disabling high-dpi scaling and such (and disabling any sort of ‘overlay’ app) is already in our support KB and site. I don’t know to what degree we’re mirroring that in support. I’ll let people who know this stuff handle it - I just wrote the graphics engine and really want to understand how negative or odd experiences may be occurring in the event I can help or craft a work-around/patch…

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Fix is here