Issues with Toby

First of all I’m not saying that Toby is bad, I love Toby and think he is a great character (hence my profile pic). I just want to point out a couple of bugs with him.

First, his Vortex Mine upgrade (the first mutation that you unlock) is very bugged. Sometimes it does absolutely nothing, sometimes it flings enemies in random directions, and occasionally it works as intended. It’s a sham that this doesn’t work because this would be an excellent upgrade for locking down targets.

Second, his Heartpiercer upgrade (allows fully charged railgun shots to penetrate enemies, the world, etc.) doesn’t work at all. I saw someone mention that this was removed because it basically allowed him to snipe enemies through walls, but it shouldn’t be an upgrade that just does nothing.

Finally, his Targeting Overlay (enemies are revealed when zoomed in with the railgun) doesn’t work. Same as above where this can definitely cause problems, but shouldn’t be left with an upgrade that does nothing.

I would like these fixed so that Toby can live up to his full potential.

Good stuff, but belongs in the bug forum, IMO, so the right folks will see it. I have heard that the overlay does work but is too subtle, which would also be useful feedback.

I’ve noticed the bug with the Vortex Mine as well. As for the Heartpiercer it was changed I believe so that it no longer pierced terrain but instead only pierced enemies and allies. This was what they did in the Early Access Preview. I’m not sure if they implemented that fix in the beta yet or not. If they haven’t then something is bugged. The Targeting Overlay I haven’t tested in this build yet as the other teams I’ve been facing haven’t had any stealth characters on them.