Issues with Training mode


why the ever loving hell would you only let us do it ONCE by ourselves before we’re forced to do it with 2 other players? It makes no sense. PLEASE add this functionality, I’d like to be able to show this game to my friends without having to just do a bot match on Overgrowth or something.

Secondly, the dialogue for Nova is a little wonky. I got the explanation about shard after running over 3-4 shard clusters instead of the first one. Also, once the Thrall door opened, there was zero explanation of what it was there for. You should be telling people about ALL of the buildables, as well as the Thrall.

LASTLY! The Training map is kinda cool! It would be nice to be able to keep that map as a 3v3 map, since it’s kinda small :slight_smile:


Why can’t you show a friend the game in the 3 player tutorial?

I imagine the wait time might be a factor, it took me 10 minutes to get a game hours after it came out and I was looking at all the new stuff. Doesn’t really make a good impression when you want to show them a basic version of the game and can’t even get it to come up.

I didn’t even notice that the Thrall were there, and based on the match I played with 2 others they didn’t either, since no one got them. I also was surprised to find a supply station, on my second game, pretty sure my teammates didn’t know about it either.

As it is, I think she is programmed not to interrupt herself. So she talks about something you’re approaching if she isn’t already talking about something else (thus why she didn’t tell me about the heal station until the third time I went back to heal from it.)

I definitely feel it would be better if there was more of a script here for each type of buildable, plus shards and the Thrall. At least the first time as single player, it might be nice to add a highlight to the appropriate object (or Thrall) then talk about them … going over a new object each minute or so. I think its intended not to overwhelm new players though, and hey, right now is still better than it used to be … keeps getting better in that respect at least.


I definitely noticed a delay in Nova’s dialogue if I triggered multiple things. I’m saying there was NEVER dialogue about the Thrall during the 2 times I played the training mode.

Huh. Either way I only played it once … guess I didn’t notice. I thought I heard something about the thrall (i was distracted killing the bot battleborn, then the thrall) but who knows.