It be sweet if mayhem mode was also added to borderlands 2 and the pre-sequel

it would make the game a lot more fun also with this mode added, though just something i’ve been thinking about lately lol

It would certainly make end-game more interesting, more to do than just running the Peak over and over.

Of course, it would be major amount of work, and I (putting on my management hat) personally wouldn’t approve it since there’s zero chance of making more than a tiny fraction of the investment back at this point.

true, though, just a dream lol

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Did you play the Pre-Sequel? In the Claptastic Voyage DLC, there is a Circle of Slaughter with two separate mayhem selectors, and a third difficulty selector (all independent of each other). The more difficult modifiers you use, the more rare the loot in the chests at the end of the match. Perfection, man (and they’re fun too).


Yes, that is L33t Haxxors Mission I believe, which becomes available after completing the Claptastic Voyage. You get so select the conditional augments and difficulty level. Claptrap’s whole Skill Tree is also a Mayhem Mode unto itself.

It definitely is proto-Mayhem Mode, even for that part of the series. But even going back to Mad Moxxi’s Slaughterdome, the condition modifiers existed there as well, but with less perks as far as loot.