It has come to decision time

As some of you may know (not implying all of you do). My badass rank is through the roofs high due to a glitch. Its DECISION TIME! Do you guys think I should delete it. Or stay at my current rank of 416000000 with 216% everything.


How would you actually delete it? Are you on console or PC? Only I think deleting the file that contains that information would also delete all your heads and skins, and anything that you had in the stash. It might be easier to just turn BAR off and ignore it…

I would delete. Takes away a lot of fun and heart break.

Just me though. Get someone or a mule to hold all your weapons though so you don’t lose them.


That would work. You wouldn’t be able to preserve your heads and skins, but you’d be able to save whatever you wanted to keep ready for when your new characters were levelled up.

A friend of mine didn’t like how him BAR was set up, so he deleted some .bin file on his PC. As far as I know he didn’t lose any items, it just reset all his ranks, and deleted his BAR so he started over. Not from zero, though. Maybe because he was already in UVHM he started with about 10k or something. Don’t know what file it was.

Funny how we are talking about bar when I’m on ps3… Should’ve mentioned it before XD. So I ended up doing it and I didn’t lose my skins luckily, and the games a hell of a lot more fun now.

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How did you delete it?

I went to my borderlands 2 data on the saved data utility (not game data) and went to profile data and deleted it. Then when I went on borderlands 2 my bafass rank was reset and I gained loyalty rewards again. Keep in mind this is only ps3 but yeah. I don’t know why I didn’t lose my skins. But thank god… I didn’t want to lose my glados skin for zero I would have just quit borderlands there XD .