It is soooo good looking but.... (Things that are WRONG)

Let me start by saying the game is beautiful, really really beautiful, however I see some items that need fixing in the HW1 side of things.

  1. Support corvettes need to be able to repair the cryotrays, can’t get all 6 if they are not able to do their job, I lost 2 because I couldn’t repair.

  2. Formations are now useless, none of the formations actually work as the original, ships use them as a LOOSE approximation, very loose. In HW1 setting a formation forced all ships to travel in the formation in their attack runs unless on evasive, not the case now.

3.Corvettes are not strike craft, at least not in HW1, now they move like strike craft so the good old wolf pack is not possible, not even with support corvettes. They don’t slowly orbit what they attack like they used to, now they fly past just like the strike craft.

  1. Support frigates are near useless, I told 2 to repair a resource collector and they sat there with their thumbs up their engines, lost the resources because of that. If the ship can’t do that job how much of the rest of them are broken?

  2. Research costs money in the single player? What’s up with that? That is SOOOO not HW1.

I’ve played to the 3rd mission and had to stop because there was so much wrong, it is a different game. All I can see are the changes made to make it HW2 for 4 race multi-play, not good for the SP campaign, not good at all.

As much as I love the look, I have to say it is not a remastering of HomeWorld, it’s a complete rebuild in gorgeous HW1 ship design. I haven’t looked at the HW2 side of things but plan too, I’ll let you know what that is like.

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They couldnt repair them in the first game. I managed to get all six and capture all three frigates but for some reason none of them came out of my mothership later… Maybe I hyperspaced too quickly?

I managed to salvage 3 of the 4 assault frigs but had the same thing happen, they just poofed instead of being captured. There seem to be a few bugs relating to capturing ships, at least with my experience in HW1 campaign thus far.

Umm yes they could. You must have played a different game than I did.

On the bright side the HW2 SP is just like the original, just a hell of a lot better looking.

I gave up playing after the 2nd mission, because It’s not Homeworld,
Yes now improved graphic and we have improved pic, but gameplay details was thoroughly mutilated.

The collection includes classic modes of both games, which are just the original games optimized for modern systems. No need to give it up! :slight_smile:

Where are the formations…??? Cant do any of the maneuvers with these new ■■■■■■ useless loose whatever you want to call them!!! No battle ball - the units wont even go to a sphere around the target i tell them to guard in sphere etc… !!! Want them old formations back

Yeah, the formations are somewhat broken.

Sphere is just a ball of ships, setting them to guard a ship just makes them sit in a ball near it instead of surrounding the guarded ship in a ball. And like 1_Alpha says they dont stay in formation when attacking and everything descends into a bit of a mess.

support ships are broken because what they’ve done is said ‘if a ship is going to heal another ship it docks at the salvage hardpoint and fires the support beam’. This means that while repair corvettes are even more useful than before, since they prevent enemy salvagers from docking at the ship, support frigates are totally useless because they’re not fast enough to dock with anything.

I didn’t need the old game, because I have a this disc.
But I was hoping to get the remastered and good version, but for me the fact that I got this disgusting.

No formatios in the battle,
No tactical behavior in the battle,
No fuel/refuel ability,
No explosion damages,
No original sound effects,
No the original physic of ships!!!



Yes, I noticed Corvettes aren’t orbiting their target anymore. They fly by.

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Biggest issue for me now is the taiidan carrier I captured cannot create new units for me very disappoint :frowning:

I just finished a playthrough of the original where I managed to keep the karak fleet for the entire game and was hoping to do it in the remaster as well.

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Biggest issue I’ve seen and has made me stop playing the campaign altogether, is the damn corvettes, they no longer orbit their targets and with the new horrible accuracy of their weapons makes them almost unusable and useless in their niche of anti fighter/corvette rolls. The salvage frigates as everyone have pointed out are completely useless, they no long stand “doctor” when assigned to either a single unit or a group i can see this making gardens of kadesh a living nightmare. Then the resource harvesters actually docking, what?? Who made that decision just have them dock on the mothership like they do when returning resources and repair as they did it in classic HW, then the capturing of half the enemies breaks the game or they just POOF, way to turn the single player on its head with that little jewell…PLEASE, PLEASE fix these issues!

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