It needs to be said again how obnoxious nerfs are

None of these nerfs, Kaoson, Sandhawk, 300/90 annointment should have been done.

I don’t appreciate being told how to play or what weapons to play with, so nerfs to weapons people like to encourage more usage of other weapons annointments actually just make me not ever want to use the weapon or annointment that was hit ever again. Some cases are more egregious than others such as the three I mentioned. If they feel worse than they used to why would we ever want to use them again? If you buff other weapons, then we will naturally give them a try and if we like them, use them more. But that should be our choice.

It goes back to again saying, GB should be testing things properly to ensure they are working properly before they release instead of making us the guinea pigs and making us be the ones to pay for it when they change or take away whatever is being changed.

I really feel no desire to play right now, other than testing a few things like how the Kaoson felt(annoying to hip fire now and not as good) to trying the Takedown. I died once from falling and just didn’t care to continue. That stems mostly from the annoying nerfs, and to the fact that none of the Takedown loot is worth it, so why subject myself to it before its adjusted for enemies being too spongy. I haven’t played otherwise.

My desire to play this game stems primarily from feeling powerful as I progress and collect new and cool gear, and enjoying said gear. When nerfs happen, along with the other issues mentioned. I just don’t feel the interest to play. I avoid games that have a habit of nerfing things intentionally to save myself frustration. Don’t make this a game or series I start avoiding, please Gearbox.

I’ll also add that again I would have been okay with a damage nerf to compensate for the lowered scaling on mayhem 7-10 but what they did instead was to change the functionality of these weapons and annointments so they now feel worse to use.


I don’t see why they nerf anything in this game. Borderlands 3 is NOT a competitive shooter. Many people don’t even play in co-op.

Let’s say a weapon in fact is a little OP… so ■■■■■■■ what !? Let it be. People love it. Has there ever been positive feedback when Gearbox nerfed something? Nope! Majority of people are against nerfs.

Why don’t they listen to the community instead of being party poopers?


They truly believe that they know better what players need and what players don’t need.


I feel like GB nerfed the YC only to have more players trying to get the Globetrotter launcher which is now about 3x stronger than the YC.

Why else would they nerf a launcher and release another with 3x the damage of the one nerfed in the same patch?

It doesnt make me want to play more. It makes me not want to play at all.


I do not care much. I am more ticked off by the reality that the hardest content in the game gives you trash gear. That should be fixed asap.
Bringing down gear to their intended state is fine by me. There are bigger problems


maybe they have a different director now , i cant remember any huge nerf in previous borderlands lol . seriously if something deserve a nerf the first one has to be norfleet and the second probably is unkempt harold lol


If the reasons were solid and consistent with that nerf, it probably made sense.
Cake . This is in order since everyone expected it would be nerfed, but there are limits to how far things can go. It’s too much.

Koason. nerf reasons are ridiculous first of all, and then you end up buffing a few other SMGs. The SMG category is dead as a result of only using Koason.
And OPQ and Monarch, without blame, are not convincing reasons for this nerf.
If the nerf for this reason goes through, we’ll have to reluctantly let the AR category die with us.
Are you going to make this the centerpiece of your next update’s nerf?

Sandhawk . Except for Moz, the weapon was originally intended to be a cut-paste weapon, so it’s not much different in use, but for Moz. is the increased ammunition consumption critical?
I’ve been using a main character other than Moz with an ASE splash on it, so the nerfs and buffs are offset by the nerfs and buffs.

300/90 anoint. It was used in a wide range of ways other than what was expected.
I think it’s a good thing that we couldn’t necessarily rely on this alone for strong enemies because of the disadvantage of up to 90% of life.
It was certainly unexpected, but this could have been a good way to keep it that way, couldn’t it?

I remember back in BL2 how they treated nerfs. Being able to take down a raid boss in one mag wasn’t the way it was suppose to happen. I understand that but now we have builds that can almost do that which I believe thats why they implemented the immune states to prevent that. You can do this with vault monster’s but they aren’t raid bosses so these nerfs were always planned. Take out the old to focus on the new! Think of this, could you actually be overpowered with these weapons when you REALLY needed to be before the nerfs? These nerfs were planned.

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I disagree, gear should not be locked behind the hardest content skins and achievements should.


The biggest problem with the most recent nerfs is they did nothing meaningful to counteract them with the buffs thus further lowering an already INSANELY low amount of FUN ( I can’t stress this enough FUN!!!) weapons. ALL, and I mean LITERALLY ALL of the buffed SMG’s do not even come close to balancing the scales of how unsatisfying they’ve made the kaoson in return. I still find the yellowcake and sandhawk useful if ENTIRELY inconsistent now, which is still quite annoying but no where near as awful as the kaoson IMHO.
The same can be said for the buffed anoints for the 300/90 is also a pretty lame change if you ask me it wasn’t really that big an outlier when you can have upwards of 150% active all the time anyways. Meanwhile jumping/sliding anoints are still only there to dilute the pools as far as I can tell.


Yea jumping and sliding annointments are crap same with airborne. They should just take out the unused annointments altogether. They just aren’t practical enough to use


Those weren’t “games as a service” the new scourge of the gaming insudstry.


can someone forge together these threads?
tha kaoson is doing fine
just not in the guardian takedown
because nothing is


What has soured me is they continuously release weapons, in the what you can only assume is their intended state with the exception of the few broken math weapons, only to destroy them.

What has happened to the Sand Hawk and Kaoson aren’t nerfs, they have been ‘Ion Cannoned’… fun detected, obliderate.

So moving forward, what reason do I have to play the game till ALL the content is out, the level-cap is finally at max, and they have decided they are done fiddling with the game.

I can’t trust them to respect my time anymore.


Let’s talk about the nerfs and why they happen to understand why these are such disconcerting nerfs.

The Yellowcake appears to have been a legit bug. Ok. What is more staggering on that nerf is HOOOOOW? It was one of a handful of new weapons. How can you completely botch, by their own admission, the damage output by 100%? I mean isn’t the first step in QA of a gun to point it at an enemy and shoot them? We know they collect data on these weapons so, again, in testing shouldn’t they have accumulated data on the damage output of the weapons? Did no one look at that?

The Sandhawk. They nerf here was done, again their admission, because the pellet count caused performance issues when used. Again, can we ask how this slipped the net? This is less obvious than the Yellowcake but still really we are now adjusting the design of weapons in the game because they can’t be made to work on existing hardware.

The Kaosan? They reduced damage by around 50-75% from what I can see. This is, again, not even close to a “tweak” in the weapon. There is no claim this was a bug, this is the way the gun was designed. The fact that they seem “surprised” that it was outputting so much damage again calls into question what, if any, pre-launch review these things undergo.

I get a lot of guns you pull data at scale to understand how they perform in real life under actual use. The thing is in the case of both Yellowcake and the Kaoson anyone who used either gun once understood the massive damage output of these weapons.


Youtuber y says item x is op = nerf inc.


its not very hard to understand why a weapon is op when it deals three times the damage of similar class weapons for no particular reason

And we wonder why the game communities get littered with modded weapons and gear,it’s so stupid i would rather it be something that actually drops in game op or otherwise,stop nerffing our tools


300/90 was ■■■■■■■■, I was expecting a nerf, tone it down to 200 or 150/90 (would’ve been ok I think) but this nerf destroyed it and basically made it a “rocket launcher one shot” anoint.
And Kaoson… don’t understand the nerf. Kaoson, SandHawk got destroyed.

What made me believe they absolutely have no idea how their game is played on M10 is the “we nerf kaoson cause it’s performing too good” in patch notes. Rofl. You know why Kaoson was the only smg played on all characters in M10 ? It’s because it’s the only good one. Instead of nerfing it, maybe buff the others.


I’d agree with this if it wasn’t for some weapons being so horrendous that even medium tier weapons output upwards of 3 times the damage of some other weapons. The difference between a TRULY great weapon in BL3 and a TRULY bad weapon is beyond the possibility of reason. Some of these weapons are so weak and fill absolutely no niche/roll in anything and I just don’t get why they exist other than to purposefully dilute loot pools for no reason considering how rare what you want is already to obtain. Seems like overkill (underkill?) lol