It needs to be said again how obnoxious nerfs are

thats why they have to bring them together and close the gap
but it obviously makes ppl cry

I hope you’re right, cause doin the takedown at high MH levels makes all weapons seem pointless


the takedown is missscaled and it will be adjusted in a few days

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They can leave the nerfing part out altogether and just buff underperforming weapons. That’s much more fun, and let’s us as the players decide which weapons to use.

But again I’d have been okay with a simple damage nerf to fit new mayhem 7-10 scaling so that the weapons would have felt about the same but thats not what they did. Kaoson is annoying to use now that they took away what made it stand out. The Sandhawk was already a weapon that went through ammo too fast and they decided to make it worse? Thats the ■■■■ that bothers me.


the kaoson is not bad now
its just…normal
its not ridiculous anymore
you can play the game as it was supposed to be played

Its not my fault they gave us something better than they intended. Why do we have to be the ones to pay for that? It was fine before. Nerfing stuff unnecessarily is completely obnoxious. Only the most egregious outliers should be nerfed in a game like this.

Most of the stuff they’ve chosen to ruin since the game came out doesn’t fit.


i dont know
i wouldnt be too happy about a red button to wipe the screen in front of me or a relic that makes me immortal and then they take it away
so what? its more like an aprils fool joke, such weapons even exist

Those are the types I mentioned that could be considered Egregious. Only the Yellowcake sort of fits that description. But you still had to spec for it and play a certain way.

I’m not a huge fan of rockets so that one doesn’t bother me as much. Still prefer they left it alone if people wanted to use it. It still wasn’t as crazy as Norfleet and that was thankfully never nerfed.

Its even worse that they decided to ruin the Yellowcake because it would have become obsolete with new level caps anyways.

I was mostly referring to stuff like the Pipe Bomb though which was obviously an issue, so guess what. I never used it. If I don’t get used to something before its changed or taken away then I can save myself from the frustration of it.

i think im repeating myself
it might be “fun” that some weapons are completely outscaling the whole game
but its not “intended”
and these weapons are not removed when they are balanced
you can still have fun with them
you just arent playing unfair anymore

Sorry, there is no such thing as unfair to NPCs. If this was PvP, yes, nerf these things. In PvE, unless it is actually causing issues with performance of the game as a whole, let us have our fun. If someone finds something is outperforming, and doesn’t want to play that way, they don’t have to use that piece of gear. Some of us have fun with overpowered gear. I hate when people tell me that their definition of fun is supposed to be my definition of fun…


but im not having fun^^
so whats the point of the discussion
its equally legit to ask for a weapon to be stronger and weaker because fun in a game doesnt have a rule

I think the only area where the nerfs are hurting is the new raid, and that seems to be because the scaling is off.

In regular play I have found the nerfed weapons to be ok. Maybe they aren’t performing with quite the devastating power from pre-patch, but they still work. Ima be pi$$ed if they nerf the monarch too much :rofl:

I wish they had buffed the hyperfocus a little though, and hop buffs to other underperforming weapons come soon.

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so what exactly is your suggestion to make the dictator not just be a monarch that you put in the trash bin? increase its damage to a point that there are now only 2 ARs in the game that are viable?
or maybe make it so that all ARs can be viable, which would require nerfs
nerfs are a simple tool for balancing the game because it would take much more time to buff EVERY SINGLE OTHER WEAPON in the game that is not dealing 23048973274983798 damage


I think that in its current state it is just fine. It’s what I use on wotan’s better half, and it is one of the few guns viable for the new takedown.

You do raise a valid point about the dictator. A suggestion could be no movement or jump penalty in bipd mode.

I am not against balance. But I have said, and stand by, I am against nerfing for nerfing’s sake. It is a PvE game and having a range of ways to enjoy the gameplay with some overpowered gear is no bad thing.

If someone gets their jollies bragging about completing the hardest challenges using OP gear, it doesn’t spoil my enjoyment of the game.


nerfing doesnt happen for the sake of nerfing but for the sake of balance
and balance happens because it does actually hurt gameplay when a few weapons are overpowered and all the rest is useless
because you dont have fun using them anymore when you could just take one of the joke weapons and kill everything 10 times faster

I have advocated balance. In fact in the post you quoted. Most weapons need a buff to balance them. Some overpowered weapons have received a nerf to balance them.

You and I have discussed this in other threads and I don’t feel that we will be able to convince each other of our own standpoints.


probably not
but when people keep crying about nerfs
i keep advocating balance

I wouldn’t say I am crying tbh.

you are also not the only person in here

I am not, but I am the one you quoted :wink: