It needs to be said, don't hate me for it

A lot of people have noticed and have been taking advantage of the fact that you don’t gain XP in PVE for how many kills you get or what gear you get etc. but simply for the amount of time you’re in the mission. People have been “rubber banding” their joysticks together before going to sleep to get crazy XP. This should be changed before it sucks the fun out of the game for everyone doing it. In my opinion I think it should be switched completely and people should get more XP for putting in effort to finish the mission quicker than later. Like I said, it needed to he said. If you’re angry it probably means you abuse this flaw too but sorry, I’m not sorry.

Yep, happened to me a few times the other day (although I did have my best Orendi game in a 3 on 5 where we won) and is super annoying.

However, that is what in game reporting is for and although it doesn’t do anything now, it may do something later

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