It says I need to be signed into a xbox live account

It says that I need to sign into an Xbox live account for some reason. I have a 360 disc that I put into my xbox one and am trying to play it that way. I have an xbox live account with gold and am currently reinstalling it to see if that helps

I’ve seen that happen a couple of times. If the XBL servers are getting hammered for some reason, you can sign in to your account but then the game’s sign in check can fail. I believe this may also happen if you’ve left your account signed in for a long period of time. It’s probably worth doing a power reset to clear any stale cached data.

Sorry I should of mentioned, I tried a few things such are force resetting it by holding the power button, I have switched accounts to my brothers that also has gold, then I cleared all of my previous xbox 360 data by go into the settings but nothing has seemed to work. Is there more that I can try? Also is a power reset different from what I did?

A power reset involves shutting down then unplugging the power brick from the wall outlet, holding (or pressing repeatedly) the power button until the yellow light on the brick goes out, then reconnecting and restarting.

After restarting, make sure you’re fully signed in under your own account to XBL (eg check your account settings and make sure your gold is still current, or access the store page) before launching the game.

If it’s still giving you the same error message, and the XBL status page isn’t showing any sign-in issues, you’ll need to file a support ticket for additional assistance.