It seems like you got a little delayed

Well, when you announced the rerelease of Homeworld Series/ Homeworld Remastered, you promised us to make "them accessible on today’s leading digital platforms"
(Source:— but right now I do only see it on two of these three plattforms:
It´s on Humble and Steam, but the GOG-Version is clearly missing right now. What happend?
Didn´t you hand in the files early enough? I cannot imagine, you seemed to have had enough time!

And you cannot have forgotten about GOG users!
Remember that they (!) were the ones that originally (!!) told you that Homeworld Series needs (!!!) to have a rerelease! (see
How could you manage to get delayed on that rerelease, probably one of your most important releases in your companies history?! (no big preorder stuff, no big advertisement and so on, simply quality!)

Please do tell me that all of this is just a tiny mistake and everything will be fixed tomorrow!
I wanna throw money at you, and so do the others on GOG wanna do as well! :smiley:


Obviously I have heard a ton about the Homeworld series. I am just one of those wishlist votes, but I would love the opportunity to someday be able to buy and play your games. Please consider the multitude of gamers that do not or cannot use Steam. GOG is a happy place. We don’t bite.

Pros: tens of thousands of additional sales!
Cons: wow, you got me, I can’t come up with any…


As far as I know, the argument against GOG was that steam is used for the multiplayer and selling it on GOG would practically split the MP community, which is problematic for an already small community such as this. Mod support will also be provided by steam workshop and wouldn’t work with GOG as far as I know.

I’m not saying it shouldn’t be sold on GOG, just naming the arguments put forth against it as far as I can remember them.

Mods can be uploaded to sites like Nexus and ModDB without steam workshop. They actually existed long before steam came about.

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Like I said, thats just the arguments I remember, not my own view on the topic :wink: and I agree as far as mods go, the Nexus Mod Manager works perfectly with Steam. The more important argument would be the multiplayer I would say, splitting it would really be bad in my opinion, but I also remember someone here on the forums mentioning that the GOG and Steam MP are compatible, but I honestly don’t know if thats true or not.

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I just read an announcement today by Rebellion that they’ve implement cross-platform gameplay between GOG Galaxy and Steam for Aliens vs Predator 2000, so if Gearbox used GOG Galaxy they would not be splitting the multi-player community. Though, there’s the question of how complex it is to implement GOG Galaxy (from what I know of implementing Steamworks, it wouldn’t be too complicated).

+1 to GOG release.

GOG Galaxy supports cross-play with Steam so the ‘splitting the multiplayer’ argument falls flat. Modding doesn’t require Steam workshop just because it supports it. Given the number of votes for the Homeworld series on the wishlist, it doesn’t make sense to say no to thousands of extra sales.


Well, I do believe that most GOGers would be pretty happy with single player+local multiplayer only, but that´s nothing for me to decide! Anyways, as others did mention, there is Galaxy, but it´s still in Beta!

Anyways, it would be nice if Gearbox could give a statement whether they are waiting for Galaxy or simply forgot ( :unamused: ) about GOG! (and there promise, of course!)

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I just wanted to point out that according to the link you initially posted, it does nowhere state that they ever intended to release it on GOG, it just talks about leading digital distribution platforms and steam is by far the leading platform, GOG not even coming anywhere close to their numbers. If you are really talking about the leading digital distribution platforms that would most likely include Origin and Uplay rather than GOG.

So while I support your call for a release on GOG as long as MP can stay unified, I can not remember a statement by Gearbox that ever specifically said they would release it on GOG and your link doesn’t say so either.

I’m mentioning this because you are talking about a promise where none was ever given in the first place (to my knowledge at least and I have been silently following the news/forum posts about HW:R for over a year now).
It would be NICE to have it on GOG, but thats all there is to it as far as I can see.

Platforms, it´s plural and releasing it on Humble, which is #3, but not on the second one—GOG—clearly hurts that startment!
(neither Uplay nor Origin are that important SALES WISE; registrations of titles bought on other plattforms aren´t counted by market analysis!)
And yeah, they never said it explicit, but they never mentioned Humble in an explicit way anyways, so that´s not the point! Both are clearly mentioned in an implicit way and the way they phrased their statement leaves no room for speculations that they meant “#1 and #3 only”… :smiley:

Honestly, @drmopponent, it looks to me like you’re using that quote to try to ‘trap’ gbx into a statement.

That’s not going to fly. Please consider changing your post, thanks.

Out of interest, how long has that wishlist been running?

Well, as you are honest I´m honest as well: This is based upon my initial thought I got when I read that announcement back in the day—but I do call it reproduceable!

Assuming that you are a PC gamer, what are you thinking about when you hear “leading digital platforms” mentioned by someone?
You see?
Steam and GOG come INSTANTLY to once mind, followed up by (after a few seconds) Humble. And then nothing, and nothing and THEN maybe after some time one could mention some others! Gamersgate?! GreenManGaming?! Desura?!Not really, they aren´t leading plattforms at all!

So no, this one REALLY isn´t something to “trap” GBX: It WAS their promise and if they didn´t ment it to be something like that they did some terrible phrasing! It´s THE intuitive interpretation of that line, and if Homeworld Remastered wouldn´t find it´s way to GOG I would feel kind of betrayed, as I thought it would be a “secured release”, a game I´d be able to buy!

I´m not sure when exactly the wishlist was started, but it has to be prior to 27th of March 2012, as that one was the date for the first post on the wishlist entry of System Shock II, which has been the most voted game (~36.000) for all the time the wishlist existed until it actual got rereleased!
So yes, Homeworld is one of the game that got most votes, ATM it´s at position #10 of “most voted games ever”…

Okay, I get that you want it to mean what you want it to mean, but that doesn’t mean that it means what you want it to mean. I’d be very cautious about planning on feeling betrayed by my own expectations, that’s not going to bring much happiness.

I’m just trying to work out when GBx announced the purchase of the HW ip, and where that fits in the timeline of the wishlish. I imagine that many people would have been keen on a rerelease of the original game for a long time prior to that announcement- I know I was- and GoG would be a reasonable place to expect it crop up, being an old game. But how many people who signed it have now bought the remaster on steam? I have no idea how many, but that 36k has to be reduced to account for that, yes? Not everyone who signed is opposed to steam.

For you maybe … I never thought of GOG when I read that article to be honest. For me its Steam, Origin, Uplay and then maybe Humble Bundle, but GOG never crossed my mind in that context. So you might wanna consider that YOUR connotations to that phrase are not applicable to everyone else -> you don’t speak for anyone but yourself.

When I think of GOG I think of old games and classics, I am aware that they now also sell new games, but initially it wasn’t the case and I personally still think of GOG as a place to get classics, not new games.

Well, what is more classic than Homeworld? :wink:

We are talking about the remaster :wink: and since the classics are currently only available as a bonus for the remastered edition it would have to be the whole package made available on GOG.

And to repeat myself in case you got the wrong idea about me, I DO like the idea of HW:R being sold on GOG, I love CD-Project for their awesome games and also their policy regarding DLC and DRM and I used GOG myself to buy some awesome games (Freespace 2 to name one, an absolutely epic game :smiley: ). I’m just saying that Gearbox never said they would release it on GOG or made any promises in that regard.

You´ll always find somebody who´ll believe that something else is important, instacrosses their minds and so on. I even met a PC-gamer in the last month who enjoys space fighting games and haven´t heard about StarCitizen yet—but this doesn´t deconstruct the statement that what instantly comes to once mind when they hear “big upcoming game about dogfights” is Star Citizen! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
BTW: As stated above, I simply cannot believe how one can think that Uplay or Origin are significant platforms…
Anyways, even if we´d follow your interpretation Gearbox would have forgotten about something, wouldn´t they? :wink:

Well, at least they should have made it more clear (if they really don´t wanna bring it on GOG; still waiting for a statement…)—it´s not good to wake up wrong expectations! And, well, as I already said I do believe most PCgamers will get that feeling when they first read that passage; although I have to admit that not the same number do care about a GOG release!
(what you seem to do, and what I do appreciate!)

Exactly, people have their own opinions and views, which is exactly why I was trying to tell you to stop assuming to speak for a majority/group instead of just speaking for yourself. Its totally fine that you assumed they meant GOG by talking about leading digital distribution platforms, but others (like me) might assume differently and there is simply no way to know what the majority of people think, so stick to your own opinion but don’t assume to speak for others :wink:

Anyways, even if we´d follow your interpretation Gearbox would have forgotten about something, wouldn´t they?

Indeed :wink: tho I assume that they were simply referring to steam and partner platforms that sell steam games (like Humble Bundle) since they announced pretty early on that they would use steam for multiplayer and at that time GOG Galaxy wasn’t even in beta as far as I know.

But I think we can leave it at that wouldn’t you say ?, we are getting kinda off topic :smiley:

I BELIEVE it and I strongly BELIEVE it. I can´t PROOF it, that´s right, but you cannot PROOF the opposite either.
But well, Steam|GOG|Humble is mentioned in nearly every important indie release. It´s the case for the most important Kickstarter-Projekts either! So yes, the believe is strong in me!
(Last part, kind of going in circles) It´s also the lack of competition for that name, as neither Origin nor Uplay can “really” qualify for that title! And “the rest” of the distribution plattforms, to be honest, are only very small fishes in the water!

Yearrh, you are right. We should left that topic…

While I share your enthusiasm for a GOG release, I certainly wouldn’t have interpreted Gearbox’s statement as any kind of promise. While GOG is certainly one of the leading platforms, they didn’t say all leading platforms and I’m not sure I’ve actually seen any figures that show that GOG is second only to Steam, it’s just the impression I get from a lot of indie developers.

I don’t think that going “but you promised!” is the way to persuade Gearbox to release on GOG.

@Psychichazard: You’re right that the age of the wishlist entry means that undoubtedly some of those votes won’t translate to sales, but don’t underestimate just how anti-Steam GOG’s core userbase is. The reason GOG has become prominent outside of selling old games is because they attract all the people who won’t use Steam. There is another (smaller) market that will be completely untapped unless Gearbox releases a ‘non-Steam’ version. The only people who won’t use Steam and won’t use GOG are people who don’t like digital distribution at all.