It seems very obvious BL4 is comming / Thoughts?

So yeah, as it seems gbx just goes ahead and plans the next Cash grab.
Tho BL3 was a huge letdown for me i am interested in the lore since Borderlands 1.
But that doesn’t mean i will buy the next game right away.

My reasoning:

  • There are bugs that didn’t even get touched since day 1.
  • Split screen is a glitch fest with multiple blue screens in a play session
  • Still no vertical split screen
  • Tons of attempts for fixes tho I don’t feel those said fixes
  • Complete change in the Dev team
  • Bad writing
  • Lack of creativity
  • Fan favorites got forgotten
  • No Secret Bosses after finishing the Story
  • No new Slaughters or Proving grounds in DLC´s
  • Invincibles apparently are a joke now -----> looking at you Eista
  • Apparently Raids are a thing but i am not interested in Destiny 2
  • Legendarys in BL3 are like purps in BL 2

QoL things:

  • Bank management is very bad
  • Loadouts for skilltrees that you can choose at new you / emphasis on build variety
  • Weapon crafting system where you collect parts for your own god roll you need the parts for that specific weapon you wanna craft tho / wish for this since BL2
    -IF we can’t get Loadouts just let us respec right where we are like in any other RPG
  • option to let us turn off light shafts of weapons on ground
  • Whut happened to Match making Browser like tha fuq
  • A party with a friend stays existent even if you quit to main menu

There is so much they could have done better this game was a joke when it released.
People paid good money in order to be Play testers.
The GotY edition will got rid of most problematic and if a BL4 will ever exist (If you call it BL4 i will not even buy it in 10 years doesnt mather if its good) i will wait until i am sure that this is a game to go for.

Devs my last words now really let them go into your heart.
Borderlands had its emphasis on people playing split it was always like that. Now it seems you cater to the wrong people.
Trying to satisfy YouTubers and streamers is definitely the way to lose your fan base, its like you gave a giant poop at the casuals out here. The ones who play with their bros, friends, guys n girls.
By now you should have figured out that Borderlands is not the new hot thing on twitch or YouTube.
Next time try to make a great game for us not the YouTubers or something.

If you want to make it more competitive in order to make twitch people more interested you should have added leaderboards and so on.
Make it that people can speed run this game.
Something i loved about BL2 there are exploits existing that players used from the very beginning, and they never got patched out I think this was purpose and not like they couldn’t fix it but that’s just assumption.


It would take something miraculous for me to pony up full price for BL4.

As for this BL3…I might bite onto a season 2 pass if they keep fixing the game in the process.


lol sure… Maybe I ll consider it when it will be game of year edition with a bargain price… This franchise has made its time, it has a good run but time to move on


What makes you so sure BL4 is on the way? Even if that’s true I wouldn’t expect it until a minimum of 2 or 3 years from today.


Yes. We need a speed run mode.

Some items in this list aren’t quite right. But I see your points and what they lead to.

bank. Yes. I want a literal grouping by weapon type, not just sorting by it. Give me headers and a line return.

Loadouts yes. we need this.

weapon crafting. yes. or at least a “level up my gear” machine or a “sell legendaries for special currency for use at a special vending machine” Soemthing…

“party with a friend stays existent” - OH! If you’re connected to a friend in game, and they quit to menu, keep you connected to them? Yes. Totally. This would help with save/quit/reload farming.


Would be interested what you think isn’t quite right criticism is welcome to be accurate

The game has issues - I can agree on that, even if we don’t have the same definition of what those issues are and how they could be fixed.

About BL4 coming “very obviously”… no, sorry, but that is probably not happenning in near future.

  • BL1 launched in 2009
  • BL2 launched in 2012 with continued DLC release until mid-2014
  • BL:TPS launched late 2014
  • BL3 launched late 2019, and the 4th season-pass-included DLC is not out yet

I doubt we would see another entry in the series before late 2021.


Im quite sure they work on it soon if not already.
Did not say it comes now lawl.
But im quite sure that they work on a sequel if it even just is theory crafting atm.
Work is work and the interest to continue this franchise is quite there.

I thought it was too critcial about split screen, writing, creativity, and legendaries. But there is some truth to everything you wrote.

The writing/story engaged me. It wasn’t as good as BL2’s story but handsome jack and BL2 is hard to follow. Like Star Wars 5 to Star Wars 6.

Split screen seems tolerable, but it could be improved.

Creativity? That’s hard to judge. It felt creative to me.

Legendaries? seemed good to me. I guess there’s room for improvement there, but there are more pressing issues at hand for me.


Yea. This is not Call of Duty or EA Sports. Hahah.

I love every borderlands game. Each one has had a little more value and of course, they each have had their issues (some of those issues still exist).

But it’s my favorite video game series, ever. Right up there with Mario (platforming), Mario kart, Doom and some one offs like Rocket League, Trailmakers and No Mans Sky.

My point is: I’ll always buy Borderlands games at launch + season pass. Other games I might wait for a deal.

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Well about split:
I talk from experience that it was never in a good place.
There was heavy audio issues that got fixed just some time ago. These issues were that heavy that yeah most of the story got thrown under the bus because we haven’t been able to get the dialogue to play properly.
The game is just way to laggy to the point you get a blue screen if you shoot too many projectiles.

I mean I can systematically get my system to bluescreen if I want in this game, I wonder how that’s a thing.

The writing:

  • Tons of plot holes and im not even talking previous games only BL3
  • Bad humor, but that’s my opinion / Can still laugh about BL2 jokes


  • In a way that I expected the wildlife to have more variety
  • Is also bound to main story hopped they would go more into the past BL entries


  • Don’t feel legendary to me
  • Most of em aren’t worth picking up —> Lucians Call was good at one point
  • Emphasis on new DLC weapons being strong as a selling point for DLC it seems

There were some hints in the last DLC.
Tho I wouldn’t say it will come out any time before the next 4 years.

Yeah, but I think they talked about that in a Borderlands show that this isn’t possible cause of the way they programmed it.
Let’s say not impossible but too much work they are lazy over there

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Yeah I’m not convinced by the op either.

Did not try to convince you in any way xD
I doubt even that we will get another borderlands game before end of 2022 so what still.
They should put their effort in what we have now instead of already planing the next cash grab otherwise they try copy CoD and you support this with not speaking up about that.


It seemed far more obvious that BL3 was coming at the end of BL2. And then nearly a decade passed.


The presequel did not sell well, nor was it fun. However, because the presequel did not sell that well, then a large portion of their audience does not harbor bad feelings of buying a bad product. If BL3 is left as a bad game, their biggest selling game ever, one would predict BL 4 sales would be much smaller until BL 4 proved to be a great game. Typically, a video game sells the most copies within the first 6-9 months from its release. Thus, I think they have little choice but try to make BL 3 a better game.


The state of split Screen almost a year after the release is an outright insult.

That they are targeting streamers or Destiny players ignoring the fanbase seems just bad decision-making.

I feel cheated after getting this in pre-order and will definitely not buy BL4 until it has been in the market for a year and we can be sure it has at least BL2 quality.


bl4 is definitely coming. i like bl3 but its easily my least favorite in the series, so there are times when id rather play a new game than bl3. i think the wait will be shorter than 7 years tho. from my POV it looked like they had huge scope-creep (among other factors) so it took pretty long

the whole game just feels like it was made with a quota to reach. more than any of its ideas could afford to be in. make x villain like jack, make the story bigger so we can add x map, and so on.

i hope gearbox learns from BL3. takes a look at what made BL2 last long, and how TPS evolved the franchise and took some risks.

i doubt that bl4 will be met with the same excitement bl3 received though. im sure a lot more people are skeptical now