It show the mayhem level is good, but need more info behind it on gun info menu

we know , or i expected, do any gun have mayhem level 10? i doubt it is not, not all gun have mayhem level, some may be the higher LV is on certain mayhem level only. so if it’s the case, i hope such info can be included in the gun tab, so people can decide to keep it or sale it .

for an example, it display as it’s Mayhem XX, if it’s mayhem 7, why dont add a figure behind to show that there was max Lv of this gun, so it will be look like Mayhem 7(10) so we got the gun at MH7 currently, but it also tell player that it have a Mayhem 10 . however, if the gun have no other mayhem LV, and currently it is the max, like above, just show Mayhem7, that people can have a better decision when managing such weapon.

it is good that they add such info , it make the info of gun more intant than before, thank

TBH I don’t quite understand your idea. Max lvl for weapon is Mayhem 10, max VH lvl right now is 60, so lvl 60 M10 is the highest.

I think they mean if it’s level 57 M10 or 58 M10 etc.

There are guns available only if you are at M6 or higher. Not otherwise.

In general, if you got a gun to drop it can drop up to M10. As far as I know there is no exceptions, unless the gun can’t be farmed right now. For example Wedding Invitation, it was seasonal quest reward that you get in your inbox. Even then, if you claim it from the inbox at lvl 60 M10 it will be M10.

No point going any Mayhem level if you are not max level. First things first, get level 60, then do Mayhem.

Only a handful of items drop on Mayhem 4+, and a little bit more drop on Mayhem 6+.

However, I’d love that there would be no such level exclusivity drops and you could get any item from level 1 to 60 (or whatever current cap is/will be) and Mayhem 1 to 60, that’s for sure.

In BL2 I really really did not like UVHM at all and found that locking game at level 50 and playing TVHM was the best (by uninstalling both UVHM Upgrade Packs), but that locked me out of certain loot completely, which always sucks.

And here they are again repeating same BS in BL3…

i am saying not all the gun have Mayhem LV 10. some may max on certain LV, like mayhem 7, as i think there were no any one who get all guns which is in mayhem LV10, not all the gun, all the gun. that why we need such info

All guns can be at Mayhem 10.

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i doesn’t it is.

taking hellshock as an exmaple, i have one in LV57, MH9, give 7993 X 2, 12279 Edmg. but u can find some called LV57, MH9 or 10( it’s not important), hand gun too, give only 18xx, Edmg have or none, say so , 4888( 12%), u think this gun can be used in MH10? come on, i didn’t think it’s , that why i am saying not all the gun ( actually, in term of Dmg) really capable of MH10. Mod have over 20k dmg, just fair enough, so if u is a gun collector, u will understand what the point i am talkin,

Gun parts can affect a weapon’s damage such that a lower Mayhem level weapon can have higher damage than a higher Mayhem level weapon. Inspect the weapon parts and add up the damage bonuses (and subtract the penalties).

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i haven’ t play it for months, it’s the view before soem updates, now i find it’s much more easily to get MH10 weapon, truly MH10 LV, it is a great experience when u haven’t been playing the game for months.

GB get the right track , giving player more enjoyable gaming experience as what u can farm in MH10, it is truly MH10, not MH5 ,6 or 9.