It was fun, but I (and many I have talked with) feel slighted

So much fun with new players and trying to be involved as much as I could as a father and husband. The fact that I spent some hard earned money and NOT 1 MONTH IN you have dropped the price by almost half, I have decided to venture elsewhere and more specifically probably will not buy another title off of Gearbox before it is out and the price has dropped. That was a real kick in the nuts. That being said, I did really like the game and story and have had a blast. Just think there is little left to be “excited” about when that type of low blow was dealt.

NOW, if they would like to compensate people that bought it early and I don’t mean giving them 2 epic loot packs with random RNG, then I would be willing to participate further. Otherwise, this is a dead cause. $35 of wasted money toward a new IP that is selling great is really not what I was expecting to lose out on as a vested customer.

Some will reply and I’ll let it go to the wayside. I’m not calling this game crap or anything like that. I just feel VERY VERY cheated out of my money and as a consumer that is my right.

Most companies out there have a 30 day money back/Price match guarantee, maybe it’s time the gaming world sees this happen?


Get educated son:

It’s not a price cut, it’s a sale only on Amazon that I’m aware of.

Steam is still charging 59.99 or 74.99 for deluxe.

GBX has no control over how much a retailer chooses to sell their game for. They already made their money selling the stock to the store in the first place.

Also, fair warning, Memorial Day weekend is this weekend, I hope you didn’t buy any clothes or furniture and such this week, cause you might get upset about a sale on something you just bought full price this week.


GBX don’t set sale prices, so why point the finger? If you can prove they DO have a say it what the third party companies sell the game for, then provide source please

It’s actually a sale on their official site “son”, but I am sure you knew that being so “edumacated” right? lol


Easy, KID…

Let me educate you. ANY place that is selling the game is doing so because they are allowed by the retail company providing it. You can’t get an item from a person and undercut people “just because”…they are required to stay at a minimum price if they have a purchase agreement with the company (Gearbox).

Also, I don’t give 2 cents about what “other companies” are doing and let me educate you on something else. Most ALL of those companies I would buy a shirt from or a couch or anything material would PRICE MATCH within a set period of time.

Fair warning, we can all feel slighted if we choose to if we spent the money and are now learning that 2-3 weeks later it would have been half the price. If you would have bought it anyway, that’s on you. I am willing to bet 75% or more would have waited because A. Money doesn’t grow on trees. and B. Gaming isn’t my/their career.

Best Buy= $39.99
Gamestop= $39.99

Any discount is a discount and it’s been a month.


Meh so it is.

Being adults I don’t even know why you’re mad at this. This happens all the time, you pay premium price for day 1 action. Smartphones, tablets, electronic crap in general is definitely bad about it. Games are just another in a long line of “I could pay for it now, enjoy it for 2-3 weeks before other people” or wait until it inevitably goes down/on sale.

Still haven’t seen anything saying if this is a permanent price drop or just a sale for the week since it’s a holiday weekend and OW just hit.

I have no issue with it being cheaper, a couple of my friends might actually pick it up now, which I wager, is probably the main reason behind this in the first place, you know…to get more people…which is a good thing…for all of us…yes?

There seems to be some confusion about the rules here. Go and read them, and drop the attitudes, please, Dads.


You’re never going to find hard evidence to this unless the company does the same thing. Which apparently they direct you toward on the site. If people don’t care, then awesome.

I totally get it. Yes, they want more people. Yes, they will get them. But at the expense of leaving many of us feeling cheated with the $$ spent. This was a release day purchase, not an early access price. If it was, then so be it. I’d have no leg to stand on. If this was a free to play game and i spent $20 to play it 3 weeks early then cool. I didn’t. I paid for a new IP and this is the fastest I have seen a game that is selling and supported and gaming so well, fall and it has made many of us feel cheated…

I take no issue with a game lowing it’s price. It happens all the time. But to happen this fast and for people that spent $75-90 to even more on it, weeeeeeellllll it’s just not a “cool” thing to do and will hurt them more in the long run.

I love the game, it’s fun. It’s a complete game. There are more things coming, awesome. I just feel cheated out of some of my money for being a “fan” and buying it on release…that’s all.


I’m a husband, father and work.

Bought and paid for the Digital DeLuxe Edition pre-order.

The game - and community - experience so far has been priceless to me, and so worth every cent and more.


You get all of that at a discount now if you have JUST purchased the game…I have never invested $25-40 into a game company to simply say “you guys are awesome”. I also have never “sponsored” anyone on those game channel things like youtube or twitch, so maybe I’m just not part of the “in” crowd!!!

:acmaffirmative: great argument. I’m convinced.

So a game you bought on release got cheaper (as they all do eventually) and your solution is to stop playing, effectively making your investment worthless?

Sounds like you’ve enjoyed the game and got your moneys worth, so what is the issue if other people get it cheaper? Good on them. We got to play it longer and are now high level awesome guys, while they are just level 1 noobs. Hooray for us!

Seriously though it happens with anything tech related. My OLED TV was $4k when I bought it and it was recently selling for $2k. Did that upset me? No. Because it’s an awesome TV and it was worth the money.

Same goes for Battleborn. I bought it for $125 which was the most I’ve ever paid for a game. Was it worth it? Absof*ckinlutely.


If you paid full price “because you’re a fan,” why do you feel offended that you missed out on an offer that quite possibly has cropped up due to struggling sales? Shouldn’t you be glad that you at least did your part to keep the game strong, instead of being angry that you missed a chance to pick from its carcass?


Not quite, and this is the point: I would not get to be part of the blast of the past month, when together with all of the first people I was unlocking the new, uncharted territory that, on May 3, 2016, hit the world under the name Battleborn.

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for gearbox and insomniac games i would gladly say shut up and take my money great guys deserve every penny they get. :+1: price drops will happen or sales w/e. if i want a game now i will get it i dont care how much :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I agree completely, but I can understand some folks are upset. Still, to respond to that by leaving the game, and therefore no longer getting enjoyment or value from it, is a reaction that’s incomprehensible to me. To each their own, I guess.


I bought the Digital Deluxe edition and honestly it’s one of the best investments I have made in a game. It’s been pretty great so far and i love playing each character. They may have lowered the price but that’s ok because that means it brings in more people. Gearbox has made a game that is absolutely fun and has a potential to be entertaining for awhile afterwards.

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I am going to play it. Read the post man. I will pick it up and kill some other battleborns, just not as much or as often. Sort of like moving on from The Division. This event has given me the “Over it” feeling…

Also, again, I am not mad that a game title has dropped. I knew it would. All games do. BUT that it dropped this fast and right before anything had been dropped in for the actual game itself.

Eden, this game is not doing bad or struggling. They dropped the price because they want MORE money, which is their right. I didn’t think they would, many didn’t think they would. I bought the game as a fan because it looked great and played great. NO, I wouldn’t have purchased it if I could have waited about 2 weeks for the same game at half price. They are a business, just like I am a consumer.

The next game that drops, tell me you won’t think twice about MAAAAAAAYBE waiting a week or so to see if it drops in price? If not, cool. There are MANY and I mean MANY of us that will…practically everyone (30+) that i have played with.

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Blind leading the blind…but I guess I’ll shut up for now…