It was only a matter of time until someone broke Amara even further


I literally spent 4 hours this evening trying to get Sylestro to drop a Driver, to play this build.

I finally got one (just one), a few mintes ago.

70 MM10 runs, and just 1 SD… with bad mods.


Whereas every Dactyl is a Light Show, and every other Saur is a Flipper.


I just try this build and able to hit 900m

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What is actually broken is fake phasegrasp, and because of this all her skills and annoints that rely on “on action skill start”, “on action skill end” gets activated and some skills even gets stacked repeatedly using Phasezerker class mod. So yah, basically because of that one broken skill, exploits like these are possible.

What is more pathetic is GB was so quick to nerf Moze’s Vampyr skill but even after all these months, “Fakegrasp” is still a thing.


You can play this without fakegrasp. Just use phasegrasp/ttb on targets only. This build doesn’t use the phasezerker com so no rush stack/do harm stacking.

Try revelation with this. :wink:


if you are on ps4 I can help

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I know this particular build does not use the class mod, I am just pointing out how GB was so fast to fix moze’s “double dipping” on Vampyr skill, which was her only healing skill back then(only recently they added couple of weak healing skill), yet some of Amar’s skill are clearly double/tripple/infinite dipping they just don’t freaking care.


It is rumoured that Amara is the dev’s favourite…


Thank you.

Whilst I DO very much appreciate the offer, I am 100% OCD about being 100% Self-Found.

In fact, the only exception I have ever made, was in getting a Perma-Grog.

Because screw missing out due to limited time event rewards.

Limited time event rewards are a blight.


First, I play without Fakegrasp mostly.

Second, Fakegrasp does NOT proc Action Skill Start anoints, except for the more or less completely useless +1 grenade anoint. It notably does not apply shield ASS anoints.

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This is tangential, but relevant, because the Dmif the build:

What is the optimal MM level to farm a Driver?

My Moze can do it on MM10 as fast as a Moze with a very decent Snowdrift Victory Rush can go… but that is kind of moot, when 44 out of 45 runs net me nothing but Pestilences and Red Cards.

Does lowering it help limit the pool of Legs?

If so what level is best?

After 150 runs, I only wound up with 3 Drivers, and only one had +3 Mindfulness… which dropped through a glitched floor when I was transferring it.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Driver com is m4 and above. Won’t drop at m3 or under.

Also drops from wotan.

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I finally got a crappy Driver, a crappy Elemental Projector White Elephant, and a 300/90 Redundant Face Puncher.

I am still not doing godlike damage.


Do you have groundbreaker enabled in guardian rank?


Took her up against Killavolt, and couldn’t even deplete a fourth of his shield.


Sometimes I get him down to half his shield after 20 some odds shots, then due.

No 1-shotting whatsoever.


I can’t even kill him with this build.

I literally have no idea what I am doing wrong.

Just to be clear… if I do not have the red circle with the diagonal line through Groundbreaker, then it IS active, yes?

985 Guardian Ranks.

Cannot even kill Killavolt, much less 1-shot him.

They probably stealth nerfed the double dipping.

Eh. I am so tired of that. I farmed for days to get the stuff for this build.

I think I am done with the game until GB stops with the BS stealth nerfs AND the overt nerfs.

Yeah… I am done with this.

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