It won't let me transfer my characters and it says failed to upload try again later

Please help I have done so much with this game i don’t want to start again

  1. Wrong place to post this, moooods mooove.

  2. From what I have seen a lot of people are having this problem so I recommend looking around as the answer is probely out there.
    Good luck.

In order to transfer all you progress do you need possession of your old console and old save, cause as most people when I uprfraded I sold my 360. Wondering if there is still as way I can get my progress back.

What platform are you using so I can move you to the correct tech support forum?

Also, this may help. It has details for transferring saves. Keep in mind you need a PS3 or 360 to do this.

I have my ps3 but when I try to upload my characters it says failed to upload try again later

I’m on xbox. I had my old save on my old gen console and sold it to upgrade to the xbox one. The cloud save requires you to have kept your old generation console, is that right?

Yes, its needed in the transfer process.

Well that’s just down right stupid isn’t it. All my progress from my old console is worth nothing then. I sold my old console to upgrade. Upgrading is supposed to be benificial not make it impossible to transfer saves. Other games that uodated old games for next gen consoles made this possible wi though actually having the old console, call of duty, grand theft auto, why can’t borderlands do the same that’s just ridiculous.

I’m in a similar predicament I’ve got my old console but I traded my pre sequel in on the hansom collection so I didn’t know I didn’t know I needed to up load my character from the main menu so now I guess I can rent it so I can transfer them but I really do wish that’s how it was saved to a server or how ever it’s done with other online multiplayer games.

It seems like file save caps were the culprit here. We’ve worked with Sony to get an increase on the maximum file size that should be live now.

Try transferring and let us know!