It would be awesome if the unused "Gun scanner" feature from BL1 made its way into BL3


Basically it was a feature that allowed you to find a gun, produce a QR code and then go to their website and “claim” that gun. Basically allowing you to say “I found this first” before anyone else. Kind of a fun way to make loot hunting more rewarding by letting everyone know you discovered a cool gun before anyone else.

I can’t even remember where I got this image, I’ve had it forever. I think it was posted around the time the Underdome was revealed.


You say this, but then it’s announced to the world that Xbox/PSN/Steam/Epic user “Me me want hole” went through and claimed a bunch of weapons because they miraculously got into the game first.

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Along with idiotic/racist/derogatory names potentially being associated with first discoveries the odds are they didn’t implement it because it would mean one more website feature to maintain. With thousands of people playing the game and billions of guns nobody’s going to care who was first to get the millionth different version of the same basic gun anyways.

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If anything I could see this for legendaries and uniques only, but it also should limit the amount of data saved to make it a low-maintenance thing:

  1. Only show the first to obtain that item as well as the top 10 with the most copies.
  2. Show the amount of players that obtained it in total.
  3. (This is already optional) show how many people have obtained the item at the max level of a playthrough (for example Lv 35 in NVHM & Lv 50 in TVHM).

I must say though, this would still need a pretty big investment on the side of Gearbox to work and would therefore stop working once the servers get shut down. A “Gear Room” feature is rumoured to be part of BL3, that should suffice.

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Is that also why there’s a wall covered in QRL codes in the Knoxx DLC, or is that something else?

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That’s something else. Those codes are all over the place. Iirc…they’re just hidden messages…also that code on the top most building in tartarus station…just for fun.