It would be nice to see a shield/grenade anoint that increased reload speed

Hey Gearbox, it would be cool to see an anointment added for shields and grenade mods that increased reload speed. If it were on a grenade, you could do on grenade thrown, increase reload speed by 50%. I also don’t see an issue with this going on shields as well, which means that you could also allow the ‘on grenade thrown, gain increased weapon, grenade and action skill damage’ anoint on shields as well. You could even make the anoints stack by having it on both the shield and grenade mod.

Also, please get rid of some of the new anoints you added or at least condense them. You could even limit anoints to whichever character you are currently playing on in order to decrease the anoint pool without getting rid of anoints you put time and energy into.

Just some thoughts.


No no no :sweat_smile:

No :joy:

Shields and grenades should get their own anointments

And weapon anointments should get a serious rework…

Maybe even add anointments to classmods?

Anointments are allready a massive, boring powercreep… They should at least make them fun instead of mandatory

I honestly think all anointments should be things like that and never straight up damage increase, because the damage option will always cloud the others (they even had to remove the more useless ones).


Please don’t say that. Not even as a joke.




This, a million times this.

Not in the OP powercreep for there is now :wink:

Anointments need to be toned down first :wink:

gun anoints - 30% dmg /15% crit / 20% fire rate /20% reload speed
shield anoints- ASE cool down or ASE recharge …no ASS period!
nade anoints-ASS nade dmg or ASE nade dmg 20%

rescale enemy hp to be lower easy good game no broken interactions no double tripple dipping no bonus elements no bonus splash


I really would like this tone down with the numbers you used, only the damage I’d personally put at 10%, that way critical gives a higher bonus but as a drawback you have to hit critical spots, and there would be a reason to use fire rate bonus.

But that’s it, anointments should be a nice little bonus to the gear, and not what makes a gear usable or not.