Item cards create really unfair advantage

i played a couple of games with just starter and after winning getting a crate. after having stuff like turret mines, the advantage vs new player with starter is significant. i can only imagine how bad it will be once the store system is in place allowing you to buy better cards. not sure how you can balance around that.


The item cards really do create an unfair advantage. As a new player myself, I’m up against people with weird abilities that are able to kill me pretty much instantly. I don’t really have a chance to learn the game. The only way for me to do so against such players is to stay back and watch them, but this game is fast paced so the enemy player won’t allow that. I feel like there should be a level up system for which item cards can be attained…?

Maybe to get certain skills or upgrades, you should be a certain rank. This will at least balance out the matches and players of similar level will have similar weapons so it doesn’t come down to the luck of the draw from loot crates.

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You can currently spectate everything, so if you want to watch to learn, pick anybody you like and see what they’re up to! (Btw, not sure if that’s a bug or not, as I’ve seen it mentioned elsewhere that ranked are supposed to be private) Much of the abilities so far are unbalanced, but that’s what we’re testing for anyways. And keep in mind your cards have levels as well - you can be level 1 and have higher powered cards still, it’s just rare to see.

For the most part, just get used to the game itself, the abilities (and how to fight them) will come in time.

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This is a good point. A ranking system that keeps low tier loadouts out of certain matches would be good.

That is a good point to bring up, they do seem to give an unfair advantage but at the same time the controls are a disadvantage to those unfamiliar with PC gaming platforms.

I dont think having different item cards make for a huge advantage, rather their upgraded versions. For example, the basic beginner loadout is actually fairly powerful/useful imo. The other various options are good and might catch a brand new player off guard, but after reading some cards and playing a few matches, you can quickly start to learn what things do.

Now, the UPGRADED versions are different, because they are objectively better than the lower tier ones. A skilled player can still beat someone with upgrades, but eventually those stats do start to make a difference. Id argue that the average level of cards should determine a ‘level loadout’, which is then used to match players.

its probably still early and lots of balance needs to be done. but so far i’m just pointing out that acquiring certain better skill cards early on or getting upgrades on certain strong ones creates such a drastic difference. the game is currently RNG loot based which heavily affects a player’s power in game, unlike other games where RNG loot is simply cosmetic upgrades which doesn’t affect gameplay. i’m just thinking it will become heavy pay-to-win seeing a key system already in place to open crates.

I follow. It certainly has potential to get out of hand. Too many ‘strictly better upgrades’ vs ‘varied options’ runs you into Battlefront’s problem of people with more playtime being matched against those without that luxury. And once money gets involved, it starts becoming a bigger problem. This is also tied to matchmaking. People with low level cards or few of them should have those factors taken into account.

True. But I think we are noticing the difference mostly because of the low amount of players/matchmaking.
I wouldn’t be opposed to a lower chance of getting better items - actually I think that would be a good idea. I’m not sure if they increased them because this is just a beta so people can try them out, but it would make sense if they did.
So far my impression is that this game is based a lot on these cards, so it can surely be hard to balance them. At the same time if they get nerfed too hard, then the game loses part of its core.

Its kinda the problem I had with Paragon. So much of the game is tied to which cards you get that RNG can really hold you back, which should NEVER be the case. Here it isn’t as bad, but it’s a slippery slope of balance.