Item Comparison (Buffed vs Not Buffed) Updated

Comparing items that have been buffed vs the item the haven’t been.

A couple more hot fixes with buffs would make me a happy Vault Hunter!


@Hexxusz0r had a similar thread to this one. It may be better to post in that thread instead to keep all of the examples in 1 place for feedback.

Jeez that Nighthawkin breaks my heart, damn I loved that thing on M3.

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Gearbox gameplay department is a joke

Even tho op does not provide correct comparisons glaring differentiation is still visible

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Yeah using an infinity isn’t the best standard to pistol balance haha that one’s a real oddball (stack fire rate as high as you can and use a high damage anointment and the thing shreds)

I always use the hellwalker as an example of their lack of balance

Or any other jakobs guns (compare purple yo legendary jakobs’ weapons and try not to cry) M2.0 made this stand out like a beacon

Yikes yeah I remember when Night Hawkin was meta heh.

The Tunguska makes me haz a sad. I’ve always liked the mechanics of it and even though it was kinda crappy in BL2 on its own, I was able to make my Axton make it work because I built around explosive damage with him. But in BL3, it falls really short.

Updated since this has been inactive for a while

Please don’t do this to me seriously! I was gathering… well TRYING to get M10 Legendaries… you seriously telling me that me killing a Badass with M10 Legendaries on M10 for like 5+ mintues… this is the reason? My weapons aren’t scaled?!!

Anyone please kick me in the balls again and again please because right now this is how I feel about BL3.
And I started this weekend like “Okay man I suck I really need to figure out why my enemy cannot die faster and I can’t kill a Boss on M10 with M10 weapons”.

I’m starting to think this might be the reason.
Seriously, I’m so exhausted, I might just forget M10 and just go back to m5 or something? :frowning:

Getting some M10 starter gear is pretty easy :wink:

Keep in mind that classmods don’t scale (neither do artifacts iirc) though it will display the mayhem level you got them on.

You can try your luck with Maurice’s vending machine (required a crap load of cash though)

Farm normal vendors for legendaries

Or use the fabricator (gun gun) on legendary mode (requires eridium)

Earl’s vendor also can spawn legendaries.

Aaand then there’s the easy bosses :wink:

For Zane i recommend DLC1 last 2 bosses (end boss drops the seeing dead almost every time for me on M10 and the craps wich is really good)

Then there’s bosses like graveward or gigamind that can be farmed real easy (and aren’t particularly hard to beat)

Oh, almost forgot arms race :rofl: just don’t forget to set your game to M10/M11 (don’t think there’s any difference in difficulty there but the drops are in current mayhem level)
The Maliwan smg that drops there is crazy strong (did MTD without using an anointment on it and just steamrolled through it hehe)

(post deleted by author)

Most cards are a bad indicator of the gun’s strength :wink:

Half if not most of the time the gimmick isn’t counted in the dps or it actually is but it requires a certain setup

Flipper for example is actually really strong because of its gimmick


Can’t wait to see how the Cartel event items compare to the recently buffed ones

I’m gonna guess O.P.Q. and Yellowcake are still going to be OP. Just not as blatantly as before GBX’s “weapon balancing” efforts, Mayhem 2.0 was still very young during last months event.

OPQ at least had its downside :wink:

The more recent items do not :sweat_smile:

Remember, cartel event was the start of this powercreep :rofl:

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please posts like this discredit everything people complaining about

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yeah looking at those… those are probably the worst comparisons ever :rofl:

bearcat… it’s… just awful

and crossbow :scream: never bothered looking at it but damn that number :rofl: but that makes up for how terribly useless it is (stuff like that should be the once in a playthrough stuff… hardly anybody uses it)

ok well I already saw it and I took it down now. When it was the way before someone could come in there and try to say now that just doesn’t make any kind of sense at all. Seems like it would be better without it probably. its gone.

Let’s make it happen!

WTF is this…. Why is this 2689 damage at Lv 72!