Item drop rates - (choose)quality over quantity

Gearbox…we have a problem…

By adding 14 new anointments to BL3 you have inadvertently thinned\reduced the quality of Legendary item drops - making the tedious ‘Farming’ that the game forces players to do,(more than)14 times more frustrating…

Imagine this: Ever since you released the Bounty Of Blood DLC I have been farming for a Root Sniper with the Corrosive element AND the 150% Radiation buff whilst under 50% health anointment…& , even to this date…I HAVE NOT GOT ONE…

So just try to imagine how I feel now, knowing that the odds of me getting one have now been SIGNIFICANTLY REDUCED even further…

Lemme ask you something - Gearbox… Would you rather BL3 players play through the stories you produce, or would you rather players slave away at killing a single enemy, over & over & over & over & over & over…in search of the ideal item? Because I honestly have put the rest of the Bounty Of Blood DLC on hold while I slave away at ‘farming’ for my idea of a god roll Root… But hey - no one cares - so I bet you do give a damn about that, as you’ve got your money & I chose that path right?


  1. Reduce the total amount of anointments… Instead of adding several specific to each skill, use generalised anointments which affect multiple\several skills at once…
  2. Remove the chance of a Character Class item of another Vault Hunter dropping, when you choose to play with a specific one… (When playing Moze, other class’ items SHOULD NOT DROP)

REDUCE THE GENERAL ANOINTMENT POOL(1), AS WELL AS THE CHARACTER LOOT POOL(2)… Give players a better chance at getting what they want… Just because you may need to add content to the game, doesn’t mean you should make getting said & previous content, even more difficult\frustrating\taxing\tedious…

PS: I Don’t Wanna Play-ay In Vain For Your Loot… -_- #JadedPlayer


This has been pointed out before, but it is seriously not fourteen times more frustrating. That is not how the maths works.

But then again, I also appreciate frustration doesn’t work on maths.

Anyhow, this is a popular thing to critique. Gearbox needs to give the community (for free) a way of rolling / re-rolling Anointments. I’m not even talking about balancing them. We just need less RNG-based ways of getting them on gear we already have.

I don’t think loot pools are that bad, and I don’t think (anymore) there are necessarily too many Anointments. It’s mainly just the inherent RNG.


You obviously haven’t played Arms Race yet. The final Boss, which is the worst Boss fight I’ve experienced in any Borderlands game, drops weapons about 1% of the time.

Looks like Gearbox found the killer feature to really sell the season 2 pass.

I find it funny that they previously removed a bunch of anoints due to public outcry at how many there were and then come back at us with more.

Kinda like how they gave us Mayhem 4 because of the public outcry about all of the bad modifiers in M3 and then they came back at us with Mayhem 2.0.


Or how there was public outcry to make Maliwan Takedown soloable because some people prefer to play solo, and then they dropped Guardian Takedown which has the crystal mechanic which is super annoying solo?


Or how all the Moze players have been begging for some splash/self damage resistance and they go ahead and give Zane self damage immunity.

And they say they listen to us.


It is absolutely insane that this has not been implemented yet. I don’t know if I ever seen more universal support from a community about one singular feature in any game ever; and yet they refuse to listen. Hell, 1/3 of the posts I’ve made on this forum are probably about it. I thought for sure that by now this would be fixed, but it seems intentionally avoided at this point.

One of the many reasons I moved on.
The anointments need to be toned down, and made useable for more skills/vhs per anointment.
Having the anointments for the new skill trees drop on players without the DLC is just an insult to the players, further diluting the pool for people not interested in the DLC.
Note to the genius who thought this one up: players like me will be less likely to send more $$$ your way pulling stunts like that.


As a Moze main, I find that hilarious. It’s almost like the “you had one job” meme.

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Same here. I still check the forums once a month or so to see if anything has changed, but apparently not. Until the RNG issue on Anointments is fixed, I won’t pick this game up again.