Item duping skills

So with my Zane, the skill double barrel gives the clone a copy of the equipped weapon when activated. But under the details, it lists the skill as ‘item duping +100%’

Previously I have seen boosters drop from my clone when he was attacked, so I was wondering if anyone had done testing to see exactly what items get duped in the process? If I have a last stand relic, does he get the 5 seconds of immunity at half health? I’ve been using an infiltrator class mod for movement/damage bonus - but since he doesn’t move would an Executor become more beneficial?

Also, on the subject of last stand relics… As long as moze is “equipped” (piloting) to the Iron Bear mech, does it gain immunity at half health? I know a lot of her skills specifically apply to how iron bear operates, but if you could invest in a skill to give iron bear duping abilities would you use it? Or is the deathless artifact too necessary for her role?

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That’s… weird. You don’t have to invest any points to get the clone a copy of the shield - but the capstone of the under cover tree is just to give the barrier that benefit, while reducing its effectiveness?

Am I understanding you correctly?

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The clone only have a small amount of health. So giving hm a copy of your shield only add a little bonus compared to him having a “generic shield”. Which he would have if he didn’t got a copy of yours.
While the Barrier doesn’t have health and can’t be damaged. So you’re (and your friends) get the bonus for the entire duration.

But yeah… Not the best capstone in history.

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